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July 26, 2002

Where Scientists Are Needed

"Until now, only rare exceptions gave scientists a chance to enter the schoolteacher career path."

June 06, 2003

Able Scientists Overcoming Disabilities *Feature Index*

Becoming a scientist requires stamina and endurance, among other things. As an avid Next Wave reader, you already know...
June 13, 2003

Budget Woes Force Closures

Twelve institute departments will close and 15 junior research groups will be discontinued.

March 07, 2003

Raising Awareness

Although the vast majority of universities surveyed by the Max Planck Institute stated that they would try to support dual-career scientists, the issue is still delicate.

March 22, 2002

EU Enlargement: Changes Ahead

One of the candidate countries' biggest concerns is that greater researcher mobility will increase the brain drain from Central and Eastern European countries to the West.

July 19, 2002

Agricultural Reform Research

"Our objective is an unbiased, critical assessment of whether the agricultural reform is a worthwhile effort." --Dr. Peter H. Feindt, Hamburg

February 01, 2002

A Day of Reckoning

If everything moves ahead as planned, the new law could take effect in late spring or early summer.