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    October 10, 2003

    Science Advisors Part 2: Getting On

    "Without the mistakes I probably wouldn't have learnt some valuable lessons."

    September 26, 2003

    Science Advisors Part 1: Starting Out

    I still don't know if I am successful, but I sure like this job.

    November 10, 2000

    Open Wide

    September 05, 2003

    A New ERA for Research Careers?

    The European Commission estimates that an additional 700,000 researchers will be needed by 2010.

    June 02, 2000

    Women in Science: Academia or Industry?

    May 02, 2003

    Getting the Message Across: Scientists in Public Relations

    July 11, 2003

    Streamlining the Pipeline

    What industry needs is researchers who understand the whole system.

    November 10, 2000

    Sisters Doing It for Themselves

    November 07, 2003

    Personal Journeys

    December 01, 2000

    The Trouble With Postdocs

    November 03, 2000

    MUD, MUD, Glorious MUD!

    January 04, 2002

    How Much Ethics Should Young Scientists Know?

    "Science has become an ethical minefield."

    July 02, 1999

    PIOs: Public Relations, A Life Less Ordinary

    April 06, 2001

    Careers in Marine Sciences: Fishing for Pharmaceuticals

    February 13, 2004

    European Web Sites to Watch: The Life Sciences Mobility Consultancy

    March 23, 2001

    Kingdom Come

    June 02, 2000

    From the Big Bang to Breast Cancer

    September 01, 2000

    Bioinformatics: Bioinformatics Central

    July 12, 2002

    Recognition and Encouragement

    The Early Career Award, worth € 1000, is presented to an outstanding researcher who is within 10 years of receiving his or her PhD.

    January 19, 2001

    Inherent in the System