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    February 14, 2003

    Bioscientists, Bioterrorism, and National Security

    "The need for individuals with biological expertise to become engaged in policy and security debates has become clear to all."

    January 09, 2004

    Ask Kathie: The Meaning of Success

    Live each day to the fullest.

    March 19, 1999

    Intellectual Property: Is Life An Invention?

    March 29, 2002

    Who Will Mentor Me?

    "... I suspect Carol Jones will somehow find the time to advise Sarah."

    July 20, 2001

    Your Ph.D. Boss: Adversary or Superadvisor? Part 2

    "Start to negotiate with your boss about your project aims, your workload, anything."

    February 15, 2002

    MSN Hero--Raymond Johnson, Ph.D.

    I was promoted though the ranks at Maryland, surviving long enough to become the African-American faculty member with the longest tenure at College Park and chair of the mathematics department from 1991 to 1996.

    February 11, 2005

    Internet Collaborations

    Remote collaboration … Funding for foreign postdocs.

    The GrantDoctor is here to help! Send questions to Please put "GDR" in the subject header of your E-mail message.

    June 21, 2002

    European Women in Science: Stand Up and Be Counted

    "Mediocre men are getting opportunities denied excellent women."

    December 22, 2000

    The Global Digital Divide and Its Effect on Women Scientists Worldwide

    December 01, 2000

    How Prevalent is Fraud? That's a Million-Dollar Question

    November 01, 2002

    Postdocs Get Primer on How to Survive Abroad

    "The U.S. approach to intellectual property rights is foreign to many Japanese scientists. But ignoring it could mean jail."

    February 01, 2002

    Look Beyond Your Job Description--You Will Be Surprised at What You Find

    It is easier to say NO to something you don't want to do if you have already said YES to something you do want to do.

    February 16, 2000

    Yours Transferably: Going Global 2--Making Contact

    February 15, 2002

    Finding the Fire

    There are many factors that one should consider when preparing for college.

    April 20, 2001

    Yours Transferably: Absent With Leave

    June 13, 2003

    Immigration Tips for Foreign-Born Researchers

    Fortunately, for highly skilled scientists three specific Immigration Petitions exist that make it possible to waive the labor-certification requirement.

    July 19, 2002

    Get Some Help! Part 2: Making Best Use of Your Extra Pairs of Hands

    "Stress the need for accurate recording of the outcomes, as well as the importance of labelling which sample is which."

    July 25, 2003

    Educated Woman: The Grad School Adventures of Micella Phoenix DeWhyse--Chapter 18: Elephant Eating, 101

    You learn to eat the elephant one bite at a time and not try swallowing it whole.