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October 26, 2001

From Dutch Pyramid Into Babel's Tower?

The base of the scientific pyramid is becoming smaller and smaller and erosion at the top won't be repaired with stones making their way upward.

November 02, 2001

From Academia to Industry: The Biomedical Industry Beckons

The biomedical industry offers an exciting, fast-paced environment where you can see results quickly applied to the marketplace to benefit others.

November 09, 2001

Singaporeans Abroad: East Meets West Through Science

As science is a global endeavour, I believe I will continue to interact with researchers in different regions of the world when I return to Singapore.

November 09, 2001

Doctoral Education in Italy

November 16, 2001

Reorganizing Research

"In the future, more attention will be paid to publications and whether the scientific goals are reached within the intended time."

--Rainer Paulenz, AWI

November 23, 2001

Astrobiology: The Sky's No Limit

"I'm fortunate in that the leading researchers in my field are with the institute, so not only do I get to know them, but they get to know me. That can only be beneficial when I seek future employment."

November 23, 2001

Day in the Life of a Picture Editor

I find I am using a wider range of my skills as a picture editor than I did in the lab, which makes it more satisfying and less stressful.

November 30, 2001

German PhD Students: Free But Lonely

The high average graduation age in Germany remains a serious issue for young academics here.

November 30, 2001

University-Industry Collaborations: Whose Data?

Conflicts over data ownership and disclosure do occur, maybe more frequently than we'll ever know.

November 30, 2001

University-Industry Collaborations: The Consequences of Selling Your Soul

Ignorance is no defense.

November 30, 2001

University-Industry Collaborations: For a Few Bucks More

Mentoring is an art that requires skills and attitude that are in short supply in this case.

December 07, 2001

Science Broadcasting: Science Behind the News

Conveying facts was an easy task for me and I liked it much better than doing scientific research itself.

December 14, 2001

Sowing the Seeds of Change

One major problem appears to be women's reluctance to put themselves forward, either for jobs in the first place, or for promotion.

December 21, 2001

Environmental Science and Engineering in Singapore--An Outlook on R&D (Part II)

Unlike other environmental issues, air pollution crosses national borders. So to address these issues it is crucial for the governments and scientists from neighboring countries to work closely.

December 21, 2001

Universities Raise Their Game, But the Money Doesn't Flow

55% of researchers now work in departments of international standing, compared to 31% just 5 years ago.

December 21, 2001

Competition and Careers in Biosciences

"...we conclude that without significant policy intervention, the tournament market incentives will perpetuate the current structure, benefiting senior investigators at the expense of new entrants."

January 04, 2002

Surveying Postdocs: A Tale from the Trenches

January 18, 2002

A Woman of Influence

We must make it seem natural for male scientists to say, "I can't make that meeting, I have to pick up my kids"!

--Julia Goodfellow

January 25, 2002

Access for Whom? Students Fight for Survival in Canadian Universities

Over the past 6 years, the Ontario government has moved decisively to lay the foundation for the development of a two-tiered system of postsecondary education.

January 25, 2002

Winter of My Discontent

Your boss seems to forget the fact that this wonderful graduate experience eventually needs to conclude ...