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    May 23, 2003

    From the Lab to the Pressroom

    I learned to communicate in crisis situations within the limits of scientific certainty working with the gelatin manufacturers during the BSE affair.

    January 23, 2004

    Having a Life--And a Job Search Too!

    "After feeding Danny and spending some quality time with him, the day is just about over."

    April 16, 2004

    Pride and Principle

    Through it all, she bettered her skills and honed her experience until she could get her dream job--combining her knack for communicating with her science training.

    December 02, 2005

    Physicist, Heal Thyself

    I knew a little molecular biology, but I had no notion of what you could do experimentally. It reminded me of electronics, the idea that you had these tools to splice things together in an ordered way, that you could reengineer things in the cell to do something else. --Mark Goulian

    June 20, 2003

    A Voice for Disabled Scientists

    In addition to providing a platform for discourses, the Resability Forum will soon set up an administrative and organizational service for the realization of personal study and research projects.

    January 25, 2002

    Access for Whom? Students Fight for Survival in Canadian Universities

    Over the past 6 years, the Ontario government has moved decisively to lay the foundation for the development of a two-tiered system of postsecondary education.

    June 10, 2005

    Short-Term Startup

    Short-term startup … Can't a fellow have a grant?

    The GrantDoctor is here to help! Send questions to Please put "GDR" in the subject header of your E-mail message.

    March 19, 2004

    Student Research Helps Discover Cancer Drugs

    "The research would not be possible without effective interaction between subgroups and access to each other's labs."

    November 16, 2001

    Yours Transferredly: Create Your Own Postdoc Job

    You too can have a crack at controlling your own fate.

    October 06, 2000

    China's Leader Commits to Global Science and Scientific Exchange

    September 17, 2004

    Tooling Up: Career Success Factors, Part 3: Creativity in the Job Search

    The daily stimulation of the mind, which he likened in our meeting to "putting on the thinking cap," is both a pleasure and a necessary tool for personal growth.

    August 23, 2002

    Educated Woman: The Grad School Adventures of Micella Phoenix DeWhyse--Chapter 8: Micella Remembers She Is Female

    "I don’t have time for hostile relationships, especially with my adviser."

    November 12, 2004

    Growing Diamonds and Biosensors

    "Nowadays, Philips is looking more for people with a Ph.D. in a relevant field."

    February 06, 2004

    Seeing the Forest for the Trees

    "I have always had an interest in trying to apply my mathematics to help mankind as best I could." --Abdul-Aziz Yakubu

    June 14, 2002

    The Reluctant Geneticist

    "I went to grad school since it was better than working at McDonalds like most people with a degree in music."

    June 16, 2006

    Just Do It

    "I found that I didn't need to follow current trends as much. I became a bit more trusting of my own judgments, a bit more trusting that my own curiosity would take me directions that other people might find interesting as well," says Jeremy Baumberg.

    April 05, 2002

    Nourish Talent!

    A shortage of mentoring, insufficient project planning, no feedback, and poor contact with the promoter are just some of the hurdles that young researchers are facing at universities.

    May 31, 2002

    Project Management for Scientists, Part 1: An Overview

    "In general, project managers need to have very strong people skills, negotiating skills, and the ability to resolve conflict and communicate effectively."

    January 23, 2004

    An Engine for Personal and Professional Development

    My fellowship exposed me to industry-directed research and gave me an opportunity to link it to the fundamental research which I was carrying out in Dublin.