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    May 06, 2011

    Unlocking the Genome's Secrets to Long Life

    Postdoc Liz Cirulli started out in plant genetics but now co-leads Duke's Centenarian Project, which aims to find gene variants that account for longevity.

    March 09, 2012

    Your Research, Their Hope

    Scientists working with patient-advocacy groups need to set legal and ethical guidelines so interactions can be mutually beneficial.

    November 23, 2012

    Successful Careers: A Matter of Confidence

    Identifying and addressing self-confidence issues can help early-career scientists make swifter progress.

    May 21, 1999

    Canadian Class of 1995 Earns Equivalent Pay But Has More Student Debt

    October 18, 2002

    Next Wave Case Study Review

    "It is unfortunate that 'secrecy' is becoming more prevalent these days and discouraging the free exchange of information, which is the lifeblood of science."

    June 04, 1999

    UK News: *Feature Index*

    April 26, 2002

    MiSciNet Shero--Joan Esnayra

    By the age of 10, I knew that an education was my singular “ticket out” of the difficult environment I came from.

    August 17, 2001

    Your Relationship With Human Resources, Part 2: Company Gatekeepers Are Key to a Successful Interview

    The HR department "has to determine whether or not there is a personal chemistry fit between you and the company."

    June 16, 2000

    Creature Discomfort

    April 14, 2000

    Business Plan Competition Rewards Science-Based Plans

    December 08, 2006

    Special Feature: Scientific Opportunities in China

    Science Careers identifies some of the good -- and not-so-good -- opportunities for Western researchers in China.

    November 26, 1999

    Survey Says: Graduate Students Don't Approve

    March 19, 2004

    From Academia to Industry: Selling My Soul, or Expanding Scientific Frontiers to Discover New Medicines?

    With almost all new medicines coming from industry-based research, there can be few jobs that provide an opportunity to help so many people.

    January 20, 2006

    Do Minority-Training Programs Work?

    Asked to assess the programs, the panel threw up its hands.

    July 30, 2004

    Diary of a Sports Medicine Intern

    "I would never have thought these [moments] would be followed by a trip to the other end of the world (even less by a master's degree and Ph.D.) or that I would spend time chasing solutions to the biomechanical problems associated with baseball."

    March 05, 1999

    Site Review: Survey of Dual Career Science Couples

    October 19, 2001

    Science, Careers, and Life: Inventing Your Future

    April 01, 2000

    How to Be Loved and Evil at the Same Time: A Story of Two Scientists

    July 21, 2000

    Does It Matter Anyway?

    January 15, 1999

    Forensic Science: Life in the Forensics Lab