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    August 27, 1999

    Strategic Communication Inside and Outside of Academia

    September 10, 1999

    Rules of the Road: A Collection of Philosophies from Leaders of the Biotechnology Industry

    PREVIOUS COLUMNS Chances are that you are a skilled technical professional, trained in some highly disciplined...
    September 10, 1999

    The Thrill of the Paper, The Agony of the Review: Part One

    September 17, 1999

    Site Review: CareerStorm

    September 24, 1999

    The Grad School Countdown: A Special Feature for Undergraduates!

    September 24, 1999

    The Thrill of the Paper, The Agony of the Review: Part Two

    September 24, 1999

    Grant Writing: NIH Review Up For Review

    September 24, 1999

    Getting Your Postdoc Grant--It Takes More Than Just Writing!

    September 24, 1999

    Letter to the Boundary Panel

    October 01, 1999

    Scientists in Computer Gaming: I Was a Space Invaders Demon

    October 08, 1999

    Time Management 101 for Grant Applicants

    October 08, 1999

    Grant Reviews, Part Four: Federal Review--the NSF

    October 08, 1999

    NSF Criteria

    October 15, 1999

    A Week in the Life of a Headhunter (Part One)

    October 22, 1999

    Bias: Identifying, Understanding and Mitigating Negative Biases in your Job Search

    Nowhere are biases more prominently displayed than in the job search.

    October 29, 1999

    Study Casts Doubt on Union Skeptics

    October 29, 1999