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    June 24, 2004

    DARPA and the Decline of U.S. Computer Science Research

    In 2000, NSF received about 3000 computer science proposals with a success rate of 30%. In 2004, the number of applications had risen to 6500 and the success rate had dropped to 16%.

    October 08, 1999

    Grant Reviews, Part Four: Federal Review--the NSF

    July 15, 2005

    Tooling Up: Negotiation Boot Camp

    It just doesn't pay to start a negotiation close to the bottom line.

    February 11, 2005

    Cutting the Gender Scissors

    So borrowing social capital, creating women-rich environments, changing perspectives, and negotiating is all that is needed to make it to the top.

    February 03, 2006

    A Better Recognition of Foreign Diplomas in Spain

    The new law and recent experiences gives hope to scientists who have been struggling in the past.

    March 26, 2004

    The Game

    E-mail your questions for Dr. Clemmons to

    June 01, 2001

    My Experiences as a Scientist at the National Zoo

    November 18, 2005

    Developing Resilience

    Often as not, resilience ends up being the difference between success and failure.

    October 12, 2005

    United States: Two Scientists and a Baby

    "We felt very well established in what we were working on in our postdocs and really excited about new opportunities and looking for ways to make those new opportunities come into being." - Alexis Templeton

    November 12, 1999

    Learning How to Teach: How to Do It and Why You Want to

    November 03, 2006

    Betting the Farm

    “You bet your career. We bet ten million dollars.” --Gerald Rubin

    September 24, 1999

    Getting Your Postdoc Grant--It Takes More Than Just Writing!

    March 26, 2004

    Improving Data Collection for Patient Care and Clinical Trials

    "The standards-based and technology-enabled single-source process proposed here can reduce transcription errors, increase efficiency, and facilitate information flow and timeliness of data, thus improving data quality and patient safety."

    October 20, 2006

    Tooling Up: Traits of the Key Players

    "Business success is often defined by comfort with ambiguity and risk--personal, organizational, and financial." --Don Haut

    March 21, 2003

    Creating a Productive Postdoctoral Experience, Part 2: Combining Mentored Research Opportunities with Professional Development

    "Former fellows agree that the CPFP fulfilled its objectives of providing scientific mentoring, leadership training, and professional development. "

    July 12, 2002

    Pursuing a Graduate Degree in Mathematics

    "Throughout my undergraduate and graduate experiences in research and extracurricular activities, I have acquired the knowledge for graduate school and research fundamentals."

    January 25, 2002

    Women Without Tenure, Part II: The Gender Sieve

    The data reveal that the pipeline is leaky, hemorrhaging women from the time they enter as college undergraduates until the time a select few attain full professorship.

    May 19, 2006

    Tooling Up: Mutation or Extinction

    "Now I understand why Microsoft Office products have all those collaboration features that I never found useful in the academic lab. My general impression is that academic labs are into producing soloists. Industry, however, wants orchestra players."

    July 04, 2003

    Brains Unboxed

    "I want them to feel like they had fun and had done work which everyone thought was cool." --Kenneth Haase, acting director, MLE

    January 22, 2003

    Endless Drive

    This article comes to you through a collaboration between Next Wave and Science's aging knowledge environment,
    SAGE KE. The joint venture is supported by the
    AARP Andrus Foundation.