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August 03, 2001

National Poll Reveals Progress and Differences

"The key phrase is
in transition. Some institutions are further along in formalizing services than others."

August 03, 2001

Meeting the Needs of Developing Countries

"Infectious diseases are the world's leading cause of death, killing at least 17 million people every year."

July 27, 2001

To Be or Not to Be a Postdoc, That Is the Question!

"Although there is an increasingly wide range of employment options open to students completing their PhDs, the most obvious choice for many students is still postdoctoral research."

July 27, 2001

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Handling a Midcourse Crisis

"Wilma started having serious doubts about the value of pursuing a research career. So, she took a leave of absence to experience 'real life."

July 20, 2001

Your Ph.D. Boss: Adversary or Superadvisor? Part 2

"Start to negotiate with your boss about your project aims, your workload, anything."

July 13, 2001

Hilary Godwin: Alone in Good Company

"The choices I made pretty much mirrored my growth as a scientist."

July 13, 2001

Flight of Fancy

" The award is aimed at science graduates who have not (yet) submitted a thesis."

June 29, 2001

Transition to Academia IV: Meeting the Media

June 08, 2001

Entrepreneurship: Acquired or Inherited?

June 01, 2001

Back to the Roots: Returning to Europe From the States

June 01, 2001

Secret Garden

June 01, 2001

Research Careers at Natural Science Museums in Canada

June 01, 2001

Conservation Scientist in the National Gallery: A Day in My Life

June 01, 2001

My Experiences as a Scientist at the National Zoo