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    January 31, 2003

    The Essence of Interdisciplinary Research--Mindset Matters

    I therefore realize that if you do not have an interdisciplinary mindset and you neglect to make every effort to interact, you are just working "independently" among your "interdisciplinary" colleagues.

    November 16, 2001

    Reorganizing Research

    "In the future, more attention will be paid to publications and whether the scientific goals are reached within the intended time."

    --Rainer Paulenz, AWI

    October 11, 2002

    Personal Style Counts

    Knowing your personal style inventory will help you determine your compatibility with a company's culture.

    May 07, 2004

    Developing Finland's Scientific Workforce

    In 1989 the number of new doctorates awarded stood at 402; by 2002 it had soared to 1224.

    February 14, 2003

    Big Money, New Machines

    The decision today will give basic research in Germany a new impetus --Edelgard Bulmahn, German Science Minister

    February 10, 2006

    Finding Success in Symbiosis

    Oldroyd had found an ideal research area to build his career on. "I made very conscious decisions about which fields to go into," recalls Oldroyd.

    June 08, 2001

    Are British Scientists Language Dunces?

    April 25, 2002

    Clinical Research in Dresden: Small But Innovative

    “Our main principle is to make unconventional things happen.” --Prof. Detlev Michael Albrecht, Dean, Medical Faculty

    November 05, 1999

    A Technologist in Technology Transfer

    December 19, 2003

    Confessions of a Secret Lab Dancer

    "Even if the tune in your head is 'You can keep your hat on', never, ever succumb to the temptation to strip, even just a little bit."

    April 25, 2003

    Analyzing Data--About You

    Just as you analyze research results to decide what the next experiment will be, you can use data about yourself to make choices about your career path.

    June 27, 2003

    A Plea for a Level Playing Field

    "The way research is organised and funded makes it very difficult for people with disabilities to compete equally with others."

    October 05, 2001

    Careers in Patent Law: Striking a Balance

    I finally feel that I have hit the right balance between my love for science and a way to apply it.

    January 05, 2001

    What Is a Resumé Hole and How Do I Fill It?

    December 12, 2003

    From Crispiness to Crunchiness

    In addition to helping cooks understand the mechanisms that are happening while they are cooking, molecular gastronomy is an excellent way to democratise science.

    May 26, 2000

    A Head for Business?

    November 16, 2001

    Drowning in Data--Keeping Your Head Above the Technology Waves

    Technological innovations are accelerating at a pace that far exceeds our expectations. As a result, we find ourselves playing catch-up with innovations we couldn't even predict...

    April 05, 2002

    Next Wave Netherlands goes online

    Access to global career development resources, combined with news and advice specific to the situation in your home country: the Netherlands