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November 26, 2010

Perspective: Residency 101 for Physician-Scientists

Future physician-scientists should ask three questions when choosing a residency: What field? What type of residency? Which program?

June 08, 2012

Staff Scientist Profiles

Six staff scientists describe their work.

September 28, 2012

Content Collection: Getting your Research Published

Proficiently publishing scientific articles is among the attributes that determine academic success.

September 01, 2006

A Case Study of a Mom-Scientist: Canopy Meg

"As I look back at my busy life, I would not have been happy giving up either—career or family," says Margaret Dalzwell Lowman.

November 11, 2005

Diversity: Broadening the Breadth of Science

June 03, 2005

Starting up a Start-up in the U.K. Part 1: The Ground Work

Ultimately, the success of the venture depends on the enthusiasm of the inventor. However, the tech transfer office plays a big role; a skilled, hard-working expert can be a huge advantage.

October 19, 2001

There Is Life...

September 25, 1998

Millennial Trends in Science Employment

June 18, 2004

Science Policy's Frontline

From the director and board to the directorates and offices at NSF, these specialists play a vital role in making sure the science policy "machine" runs smoothly.

May 14, 2003

The Networker

This article comes to you through a collaboration between Next Wave and Science's aging knowledge environment,
SAGE KE. The joint venture is supported by the
AARP Andrus Foundation.

January 09, 2004

NIH's Roadmap to the Future

"Although the specific goals of the Roadmap themes are numerous, taken together they can be seen as an ambitious, desperately needed attempt to renew the commitment of NIH to the support for young investigators."

October 17, 2003

From Bench to BMBF

How do you become the personal advisor of a science minister? One cannot plan it; one can only seize the opportunity if it presents itself.

March 14, 2003

Teaching 101

We can't wave a magic wand and add hours to our days, but we can benefit from others' experience and speed up the learning curve.

August 25, 2006

Professional Doctorates in Engineering

Like other professional doctorates, Eng.D.s combine an applied research project, usually in industry, with courses that are directly relevant to the candidate's profession.

August 23, 2002

Minorities and Foreign Nationals--A Physicist’s Perspective on the Job Market

"The influx of foreign students has driven down starting salaries so much that a career in physics or any other science and technology field is unattractive."

November 28, 2003

Facing Adversity: A Positive Spin

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February 06, 2004

So It's a Small World--So What?

July 11, 2003

Take the Initiative

Due to the high volume of questions received, the CareerDoctor cannot answer all queries on an individual basis. Look for an answer to your question published in this column soon! Thank you!

September 11, 1998

A Step-By-Step Protocol for Networking, Part Two

April 26, 2002

French Science: Storming the Bastille

Several new programs are helping young scientists achieve unprecedented levels of independence in France--although revolutionary change in the "mandarin system" of powerful lab chiefs may be a long way off