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July 02, 1999

PIOs: From Rocks to News and Information

June 25, 1999

Government Report on Research Commercialization Recommends Major Changes to Canadian University System

June 04, 1999

UK News: *Feature Index*

May 21, 1999

Canadian Class of 1995 Earns Equivalent Pay But Has More Student Debt

May 21, 1999

Young Scientists as Activists: Rama Kasturi

May 14, 1999

Learning to Think Like An Entrepreneur, Part Two

May 07, 1999

Site Review: Funders Online

May 07, 1999

Some Real-World Observations on Industrial Postdocs

April 23, 1999

How Basic Researchers Can Fall Into Management in Industry

March 19, 1999

Intellectual Property: Exploitation of Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer Through the MRC

March 12, 1999

Subsidy Helps New Grads Find First Science Jobs

March 05, 1999

Intellectual Property: Do You Own Your Invention?

March 05, 1999

Site Review: Survey of Dual Career Science Couples

March 03, 1999

Stock Market: Making the Transition From Acids to Assets