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    February 16, 2001

    Postdoc Opportunities: Transitioning to Tech Transfer

    September 26, 2003

    Lessons Learned: Scientific Expression

    "I soon learned that alternative methods of expression could improve the quality of science and that if I was going to be successful in America, I would have to adapt to my new surroundings."

    December 01, 2000

    Solutions to Postdoc Parenting Problems

    May 28, 2004

    Crossing the Atlantic: A Dutch M.D. Discovers American Research

    "It's true that friends and former colleagues back home surely have more lenient work schedules and a different perspective on the work-life balance, but I found that there is a different appeal to working in the United States that outweighs long vacations."

    December 10, 2004

    MentorDoctor: Academia or Finances

    Editor's note: MiSciNet's "Dear MentorDoctor" will appear every other month and is designed to help mentors and students with situations that commonly arise in academia. Do you have questions for MiSciNet's MentorDoctor team? Please send inquiries to

    May 24, 2002

    I Am a Medical Illustrator

    "Obviously, if you are the type that gets queasy at the site of blood, then medical illustration is not for you."

    June 06, 2003

    Life on a Barstool

    Looking at my career as a disabled scientist retrospectively, I notice that again and again I've withdrawn into niches.

    December 07, 2001

    The Discovery Campus Masterschool

    The TV station, the customer, is not looking for artists, but for easy-to-sell, mass-appeal productions.

    June 24, 2005

    It's a Small World: Canada's Hub for Nanotech

    The National Institute for Nanotechnology is an integrated, multidisciplinary institution involving researchers in physics, chemistry, engineering, biology, informatics, pharmacy, and medicine.

    April 12, 2002

    Physiology Is Back in Fashion

    There is a cry for more integration and for people with very diverse training.

    October 26, 2001

    Will Devolution Deliver for Scotland's Contract Researchers?

    There is an air of dynamism and activity just now, but it must be seized on, because--politics being politics--things can change suddenly.

    August 04, 2000

    No Brain, No Gain

    October 07, 2005

    Balance and Love

    Hayes has become the youngest professor at the University of California, Berkeley, earning tenure at 30, when most scientists are at still postdocs and many are graduate students.

    July 05, 2002

    Doctoral Education in Slovakia

    November 29, 2002

    Changes in PhD Training Proposed

    "The competitiveness of our doctoral training on an international level is of crucial importance to the future of German academia" --Prof. Karl Max Einhäupl, Chair, Wissenschaftsrat

    November 22, 2002

    Space-Age Farming

    Remote-sensing technologies are changing agricultural production, and career opportunities are exploding.

    September 17, 2004

    Starting Graduate School: Mathematics Training, Part 2

    April 05, 2002

    Raising Their Voices: The Emergence of Postdoc Grievance Procedures

    There has been a belief at Stanford that hiring a postdoc is a matter between the postdoc and the hiring faculty member. It has been thought of as an individual relationship and has had few rules and regulations.

    November 01, 2002

    Becoming a Patent Attorney in Australia

    "Although the field is still relatively small in Australia, the number of job opportunities is increasing."

    September 01, 2000

    Your Dog and Pony Show: Presenting a Dynamite Public Lecture