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    November 17, 2000

    Transferably Yours: Powerful Presentations

    February 27, 2004

    Wasted Talents--Women Scientists in Eastern and Central Europe

    "Women are squeezed out of competitive, high-expenditure R&D systems, but absorbed into struggling low-expenditure systems as a kind of 'back-up' human resource," the report highlights.

    September 13, 2002

    Postdoc Production--A Funding Agency Perspective

    "Through their policies and their funding priorities, funding agencies must strive to improve the quality of the postdoctoral experience and limit the retention of individuals in ‘perennial’ postdocs."

    August 30, 2002

    Science's Next Wave Policy Debate--Resources

    April 12, 2002

    Working in Early Clinical Drug Development

    "What I enjoy most about clinical research at CHDR is early clinical drug development (phase I and II). ... Testing these new drugs often requires methodological innovation."

    August 09, 2002

    Leading the Way: Stem Cell Research in Sweden

    "The field has recently seen a major cash injection."

    November 04, 2005

    Investigating the Neural and Vascular Consequences of Stroke

    "When I came to MSM, I wanted to build something that would incorporate my background in cardiovascular [research] and neuroscience, and stroke was the perfect venue for that."--Byron Ford

    February 14, 2003

    A Hands-on Approach to Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy

    "[A] laissez-faire approach to STI issues ... has, over the past decades, severely damaged Canada's ability to establish its position in the global scientific community."

    April 28, 2000

    Wellcome Students Have Their Say

    May 03, 2002

    Language, Science, and Life: Doing Science Translation

    Translation is much harder than most people think.

    July 26, 2002

    Research and Secondary Education: A National Rescue Plan for Dutch Secondary Education

    “The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences is calling for a national action plan to improve the standard of secondary education.”

    January 31, 2004

    Building a Career in Public Health

    If more scientists get involved in public health, both science and public health can reap the benefits.

    September 13, 2002

    Postdoc Economics

    "The best way to maintain the ranks of physical scientists is to ensure that science jobs pay well and that science careers are attractive relative to alternatives."

    November 19, 2004

    A Tale of Two Chemists: Finding Fulfillment in Science

    Both recognized a love for math and science early in life and pursued their career goals with passion and hard work.

    May 03, 2002

    Let’s Talk: Small-Group Mentoring Dinners

    WILS mentoring dinners work because they are easy to organize, create an opportunity for students and postdocs to discuss aspects of science that are not typically addressed in other forums, and provide a number of real-life examples for pursuing a successful scientific career.

    February 10, 2006

    Fruitful Pursuits: Research Careers in Plant Science

    The majority of plant biologists work somewhere on the continuum from basic plant biology on one end--the main focus of this feature--to the development of agricultural products on the other.

    July 13, 2001

    Let Them Eat Cake!

    "What if the careers of some in established posts were being advanced by stealth, using the ideas, inspiration, and perspiration of junior colleagues?"

    March 08, 2002

    Marine Biology Under the Arctic Ice

    "Since my first snorkeling experience in the Mediterranean as a teenager, I had wanted to be a marine biologist and nothing else."

    May 12, 2006

    Directing Minorities Toward Careers in Evolutionary Biology

    "Undergraduates should get experience in a lab, the field, or a museum, to see if that sort of research suits them." --Scott Edwards