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    November 14, 2003

    Leiph Preston at the Epicenter

    "I have to say that everyone I worked with treated me with respect and was more than willing to help if I ran into a problem or listen to any ideas I had. I could not have asked for a better adviser than Ken Creager. He was helpful, supportive, resourceful, and just in general an all around nice guy."

    November 07, 2003

    Knowledge Transfer: A Year of New Skills

    "It was time for me to go and find new challenges and learn new techniques before I became part of the old furniture of the department."

    November 07, 2003

    (There Are) 50 Ways to Leave Your Enzyme

    "Runaway success, riches, or magical solutions to my personal shortcomings are not in sight. I just have the quiet feeling that I am moving my career in a direction that suits me best."

    November 07, 2003

    Personal Journeys

    November 07, 2003

    San Diego State University's Approach to Training Regulatory Affairs Professionals

    "SDSU's program provides courses that teach not only the basics of regulatory requirements but also how FDA interprets and enforces its regulations."

    November 07, 2003

    Mentoring and PI Productivity

    Mentors' obligations also include providing their postdocs practical counsel and aid in moving to their next post, as well as all needed facilities and supplies. And mentors should never add "surprise" responsibilities, a practice that is simply "not fair," Cech said.

    November 07, 2003

    A Pioneering Medical Physicist

    The lack of trained professionals in my own country is one reason why I felt it would be useful to undertake part of my PhD training in a country with a strong tradition in medical physics.

    October 31, 2003

    Alternative Pathways for Training Combined MD/PhD Students for Patient-Oriented Research

    This article suggests an alternative pathway to train physician-scientists for careers in patient-oriented research.

    October 31, 2003

    A Typical Path for a Physician-Scientist?

    High-quality research publications and ample grant support are key commodities in academic medicine, and you will effectively be a "free agent" if you have a solid research portfolio.

    October 31, 2003

    From Mice to Men

    "If you choose this kind of work, the skills that you will acquire make you interesting to both university hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry."

    October 31, 2003

    The Long Road to Race Blindness

    "The debate over the use of race in admission decisions has been wrenching, because it demands a trade-off among three worthwhile goals: race-blindness, academic selectivity, and a semblance of racial diversity on selective campuses."

    October 31, 2003

    One in Five Swedes Unhappy With Research Training

    Forty percent of postgraduates receive less supervision than they would like to.

    October 31, 2003

    Neuroscience – The Imaging Edge

    October 31, 2003

    From Vision to MRI: Gaining Research Experience Through the Women in Engineering and Science Program

    "This partnering of students with successful scientists is the foundation of the WES program; the students work alongside their mentors and supervisors in order to learn about the scientific process and develop research skills."

    October 31, 2003

    Women in Science: Take Your Career in Your Hands

    October 24, 2003

    Northern Exposure: Training of Clinician-Scientists in British Columbia

    "There is no 'right' path to follow for becoming a clinician-scientist."

    October 24, 2003

    Swedish Clinical Research in Crisis

    "Whereas the medical scientists of yesterday were often willing to sacrifice family and leisure for their work, today's young people aren't."

    October 24, 2003

    Eyes Wide Open

    This article comes to you through a collaboration between Next Wave and Science's aging knowledge environment,
    SAGE KE. The joint venture is supported by the
    AARP Andrus Foundation.

    October 24, 2003

    MD/PhD Resources

    Why do you read Next Wave? Is it for the generic information that you can get anywhere else? Or is it for the special tips, the inside information, that aren't available elsewhere?

    October 17, 2003

    From Bench to BMBF

    How do you become the personal advisor of a science minister? One cannot plan it; one can only seize the opportunity if it presents itself.