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January 08, 1999

Show Me the Money: New BIOTECanada Salary Survey Gives Us a Clue

March 05, 1999

Site Review: Survey of Dual Career Science Couples

January 15, 1999

Forensic Science: Life in the Forensics Lab

January 05, 2001

Evolution's Next Step: The Postdoc Network Listserv

December 17, 2004

Tooling Up: Big Decision

Can you manage your way through a career in industry?

August 31, 2001

Connecting People

E-science, or grid computing, looks set to fundamentally change the way that scientists work.

March 25, 2013

Making the Move From Academe

In an essay in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Donny Wong shares some key insights into how to successfully make the transition from a grad school bench to a corporate office.

January 04, 2008

Research Integrity: Making the Right Choices

Early-career scientists need to learn to hold themselves to high ethical standards.

April 06, 2007

Getting Published in Scientific Journals

No matter how big your scientific breakthrough, it won't do your career much good if you don't publish it in a...
August 08, 2003

Marie Curie Fellowships in Profile Part II: Individual-Driven Fellowships

"There are no age limits; it is the extent of the researcher's experience that counts."

April 26, 2002

Robert Austin: An Interview

People sometimes overestimate the extent to which the conventional assumptions apply. Often, for example, managers assume they are more qualified than they really are to judge their employees' performance.

August 03, 2001

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Consumer Goods

"It may well be that I am spending an afternoon in the stores comparing prices or at home retrieving data on the energy consumption of certain appliances."

December 01, 2000

Affordable Child Care for Postdocs: One Institution's Solution

October 11, 2002

Quantum Control: Becoming Proactive With Chemical Reactions

Present-day applications of quantum control are most striking in the field of condensed-matter physics.

March 10, 2006

Minority Admissions: Countering Cultural Blocks

Jennifer Zimbroff (pictured above) wanted to understand why qualified high school students, especially minority students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, fail to take advantage of the college opportunities that are available to them.

June 28, 2002

Crumpets, Chewy Sweets, and Solar Panels

"I get to find out about the amazing science behind everyday products and processes."

January 19, 2001

Student Survey Highlights Mismatch of Training, Goals

March 29, 2002

Who Will Mentor Me?

"... I suspect Carol Jones will somehow find the time to advise Sarah."