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    January 01, 2010

    A Scientist's Infectious Enthusiasm

    PECASE winner Benjamin tenOever is an unconventional virologist who's working to make his discoveries clinically relevant.

    January 08, 2010

    Taken for Granted: A Shot at Transforming America's Energy Future

    A postdoc's new company wins one the 37 coveted first-round ARPA-E grants.

    January 08, 2010

    Generating Science and Public Interest

    Portuguese cellular biologist Mónica Bettencourt-Dias sees promoting science communication as an integral part of her job.

    February 05, 2010

    Making Science and Family Fit

    A mother of three and winner of a European Research Council starting grant, Michal Sharon has managed to have both a family and a scientific career.

    March 26, 2010

    Structuring a Career Around Gallium Nitride

    An early success in growing indium gallium nitride quantum dots put the career of material scientist Rachel Oliver on a fast track.

    May 14, 2010

    Taken for Granted: Intimate Collaborators

    Scientists' strong propensity to pair up romantically, research shows, can either help or hurt their careers.

    June 04, 2010

    Taken for Granted: Making a Federal Case of Young Scientists' Concerns

    Two issues important to postdocs and other science trainees have been elevated recently to the federal level.

    June 11, 2010

    Designing a Career in Biomedical Engineering

    Engineers, biologists, mathematicians, physicists, and chemists can all contribute to the development of medical devices and assistance technologies.

    June 11, 2010

    New Partnership Aims to Improve Research Careers Down Under

    Edwina McGlinn will be Australia's first program leader under a new partnership with the European Molecular Biology Laboratory.

    June 18, 2010

    Changing Oceans: Viewing Coral Reefs Through a Cultural Lens

    Human geographer Joshua Cinner studies how people and coral reefs interact, information that informs coral reef–management decisions.

    July 23, 2010

    Re-Visioning a Career

    David Price launched a career in computer science after losing his sight during graduate training in geology.
    August 27, 2010

    Making Team Science Work: Advice From a Team

    A long-term commitment and a supportive environment allow the Yale Melanoma Research Group to excel.

    September 17, 2010

    Tooling Up: A Job-Search Plan for the Person Without One (Part 2)

    The key to a successful job hunt is to precisely target particular jobs and to demonstrate that you can solve the hiring manager's particular problem.

    September 24, 2010

    Making Each Other More Human

    The 50-year partnership of Donald and Ada Olins is based on good communication and a shared passion for chromatin structure.

    October 01, 2010

    Expand Your Professional-Skills Training

    Voluntary activities such as helping to organize conferences offer early career scientists opportunities to gain new skills and broaden horizons.

    October 22, 2010

    Making a Difference in the Classroom and on the Stage

    Molecular biologist Jeff Polish loves an audience, whether they're sitting at desks or on chairs.

    November 12, 2010

    Working With Industry Under a Microscope

    Regulations seem to discourage academic scientists from partnering with industry, but such collaboration is essential to translational research.

    December 03, 2010

    Choosing Between Science and Caring?

    Research suggests that many able women view careers in hard science as inimical to important values.

    December 17, 2010

    Breakthrough of the Year: Bridging the Quantum and the Classical Worlds

    Ph.D. student Aaron O'Connell was able to induce and measure quantum effects in the motion of a micrometer-sized mechanical oscillator.

    December 24, 2010

    The Best of Science Careers, 2010

    It was a difficult year for careers in science but another good year for Science Careers.