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July 20, 2001

Your Ph.D. Boss: Adversary or Superadvisor? Part 2

"Start to negotiate with your boss about your project aims, your workload, anything."

February 11, 2005

Internet Collaborations

Remote collaboration … Funding for foreign postdocs.

The GrantDoctor is here to help! Send questions to Please put "GDR" in the subject header of your E-mail message.

September 27, 2002

Meeting the Challenge in Missouri

"We believe that we have developed a set of innovative strategies that will enable us to produce long-term dramatic results."

September 15, 2000

Yours Transferably: Poster Art

May 21, 2004

Immigrant Talent Is Jostling for Research Position

The current Mosaic programme has put the issue of ethnic minorities at the top of the universities' agendas.

May 10, 2002

Transitioning From Undergraduate to Graduate School

"The fact that I was one of the few ethnic minorities at BCM, as well as the only woman actively participating as a graduate student in my program, meant I was unique."

April 05, 2002

Careers Prospects in Clinical Research

"The job market for clinical researchers is going to be a buyer's market in the next 10 years. You can expect a very cordial response from any decent organisation you send your CV to!"

May 03, 2002

Scientific Translation for Nature Japan

As a person responsible for communicating science faithfully across language and culture, you have to learn to live with uncertainty.

July 26, 2002

Fostering Diversity in the Earth and Space Sciences

"The failure to diversify the faculties and student populations in most earth and space science departments suggests that there may be prohibitive barriers, inappropriate pedagogical practices, or insensitive policies that make the academic environment unattractive to underrepresented groups."

December 13, 2002

PhD Studies in Cambridge

"Working in another country, especially in a scientific lab, is a personal enrichment in itself."

March 26, 2004

Discovering Careers in a Young Biotech Company

"We are always on the lookout for people with project management skills." --Jochen Knolle

November 30, 2001

University-Industry Collaborations: The Consequences of Selling Your Soul

Ignorance is no defense.

August 24, 2001

Remarks on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

"The most substantial criticism is expressed within the researchers' own ranks."

May 23, 2003

Educated Woman: The Grad School Adventures of Micella Phoenix DeWhyse--Chapter 16: Time for Rumination

What a difference some data make.

August 11, 2000

Book Review: At the Bench: A Laboratory Navigator

September 13, 2002

University Spin-Offs: What Works?

"As Carl Hodges goes back to Eritrea to tend his shrimps, it is clear that he has left a lasting impression on the 120 delegates in Bonn."

April 20, 2001

Yours Transferably: Absent With Leave

April 25, 2003

Analyzing Data--About You

Just as you analyze research results to decide what the next experiment will be, you can use data about yourself to make choices about your career path.

February 01, 2002

Editing Science for Youngsters

To learn my new trade, I took a 12-month course in journal editing.

June 28, 2002

Jumping Ship: From Neuroscience to Forensic Toxicology

"To my delight, and relief, I discovered that a career in forensic science is highly rewarding personally and challenging intellectually."