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    March 02, 2001

    What Are You Worth?

    March 09, 2001

    Academic Orphans

    April 20, 2001

    Peer-Review Techniques for Novices

    August 10, 2001

    Under One Roof: Atlantic R&D Clusters Take Off

    "The development of R&D clusters in the Atlantic provinces is the latest example of the public and private sectors working together to overcome the knowledge transfer hurdle."

    September 07, 2001

    Graduate Tuition Fees on the Rise--Again

    The ongoing tuition increases raise the average debt load of students in this country, and they make it more difficult for students to graduate on time.

    October 19, 2001

    Under One Roof, Part 3: Ontario's Biotech Community

    The recent wave of government support for entrepreneurs is one reason why biotechnology companies are finding Ontario a good place to do business.

    November 30, 2001

    Under One Roof, Part 4: Biotech in the Prairies

    Saskatchewan and Alberta are rising to the forefront in another area of Canadian strength: biotech.

    December 14, 2001

    Federal Budget Is Good News for Canadian Science

    February 15, 2002

    The Bottom Line: Ontario Universities Need More Money

    Ontario's universities are feeling the pinch after years of sustained cuts in provincial operating budgets.

    February 22, 2002

    BC Universities Score a D--for Deregulate

    "One of the main problems in BC right now is that the government is taking major action on innumerable fronts, so there is a sort of numbness on the part of the public."

    March 22, 2002

    Destination: Japan

    JSPS provides full support for Canadian researchers to conduct high-quality research in national laboratories, public research corporations, and some nonprofit research institutes for a period of 1 to 2 years.

    March 29, 2002

    Stem Cell Research: Building a Canadian Network

    There is a huge growth in biomedical research in Ottawa and an exciting scientific environment, with recruiting going on all over the place.

    April 19, 2002

    Clinical Research Training Strategies

    CR neophytes take heart--some Canadian academic institutions are recognizing the need for programmes emphasizing clinical research training and coursework for scientists.

    June 07, 2002

    Careers in Forensic Science *Feature Index*

    Forensics has broadened to include specialists who started out in many different scientific backgrounds.

    July 05, 2002

    Web Site Review:

    July 12, 2002

    Becoming a Science Teacher

    "... the consensus among those in education is that the public school system will invariably have trouble competing with the more attractive salaries and better opportunities offered in the private sector. ..."

    September 13, 2002

    Attracting and Retaining Women in Engineering

    “We are moving forward."

    September 27, 2002

    Boosting Physics in Latin America: FeLaSoFi

    "… FeLaSoFi has an important role to play in the improvement of physics education in poorer countries."

    February 21, 2003

    Encouraging Young Policy Researchers

    "If we really want to have high-quality research to aid policy-making, we need to have government agencies paying for this research."