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    September 12, 1997

    What Are Headhunters and How Do They Work?

    PREVIOUS COLUMNS A few years ago, Dr. Jim Bylund was studying gene expression in Bacillus subtilis, working as a...
    January 30, 1998

    The Tooling Up Book Club: On the Market

    On the Market is an "emotional guide to the academic job search."

    February 12, 1998

    The Path of a C.V.

    Here's what happens when you send in your C.V.

    February 27, 1998

    Self-Assessment Exercises: A GRE for Your Ego and Superego

    June 12, 1998

    Forecasting Compatibility: How to Select Your New Boss

    July 24, 1998

    Overcoming The Bad Habits You Learned in Grad School

    September 11, 1998

    A Step-By-Step Protocol for Networking, Part Two

    September 25, 1998

    Millennial Trends in Science Employment

    November 13, 1998

    How to Present Your Weaknesses During Interviews

    The key to presenting your weaknesses in a job interview is to make them nonthreatening and present a plan for addressing them.

    December 11, 1998

    Preventing Burnout: Learning About the "Whys" of Job Satisfaction

    PREVIOUS COLUMNS The practice of "headhunting" became popular after World War II when many executive and professional...
    January 08, 1999

    Regional Hot Spots in Biotech

    PREVIOUS COLUMNS One of my side interests is moderating a biotechnology career discussion on the Internet, which...
    January 08, 1999

    Show Me the Money: New BIOTECanada Salary Survey Gives Us a Clue

    January 15, 1999

    Forensic Science: Life in the Forensics Lab

    February 05, 1999

    Stock Market: What! Work At An Investment Bank?