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June 20, 2003

Inside the Industry Postdoc Experience

"Its one thing to get the experience in industry, make contacts, and know what's happening there, but people should never lose sight of the fact that its important to publish--that should remain the number one priority for anyone who wants to do a postdoc."

February 21, 2003

Encouraging Young Policy Researchers

"If we really want to have high-quality research to aid policy-making, we need to have government agencies paying for this research."

September 13, 2002

Attracting and Retaining Women in Engineering

“We are moving forward."

July 05, 2002

Web Site Review:

March 22, 2002

Destination: Japan

JSPS provides full support for Canadian researchers to conduct high-quality research in national laboratories, public research corporations, and some nonprofit research institutes for a period of 1 to 2 years.

April 20, 2001

Peer-Review Techniques for Novices

March 02, 2001

What Are You Worth?