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May 03, 2002

Dresden’s New Max Planck Institute: A Rising Star in the East

The arrival of the MPI-CBG is giving life sciences and biotechnology in the whole Dresden area a boost.

April 26, 2002

Molecular Medicine on the Rise

This year’s application deadline for the autumn semester is 1 May, so you need to hurry!

October 19, 2001

Intensity and Excellence at Göttingen

In order to guarantee high-profile training for students, the University of Göttingen has established collaborations with renowned research institutions nearby.

January 17, 2003

Changes in the World of Science: The Realities of Interdisciplinary Training

Today, when I tell other scientists that I have an interdisciplinary degree, I often find that they have some reservations.

March 01, 2002

Cool Careers: Scientists at the Poles *Feature Index*

Did you know?The term "Arctic" is derived from the Greek word arktos ("bear"), referring to the northern constellation of the Bear.

April 25, 2002

Clinical Research in Dresden: Small But Innovative

“Our main principle is to make unconventional things happen.” --Prof. Detlev Michael Albrecht, Dean, Medical Faculty

March 15, 2002

Where to Look for Polar Careers

August 10, 2001

Junior Professor Openings

"Junior professors could start their independent research and teaching around the age of 30."

June 06, 2003

Able Scientists Overcoming Disabilities *Feature Index*

Becoming a scientist requires stamina and endurance, among other things. As an avid Next Wave reader, you already know...