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April 04, 2003

Disasters of the Famous

The whole experience has taught me that you must believe in your research and that somehow things will work out in the end.

October 15, 2004

Science and the City

September 05, 2003

The I-Spy Guide to Group Leaders

There's never a dull moment working for a Spontaneous Idea Generator. The only problem is sorting out the diamonds from the dust.

December 05, 2003

Time for Tea

"Tea-rooms and tea-breaks are a great scientific institution and should be nurtured and cherished. Lobby your funding body for subsidised espressos!"

August 01, 2003

A Compromising Situation

"Unfortunately there was a fatal flaw in my cunning plan--I had failed to take my partner of 5 years into account."

June 06, 2003

The Scientific Conference Guide (Or, How to Make the Most of Your Free Holiday)

"I was so nervous at one high-powered meeting that by the time I asked my question it came out sounding really aggressive."