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    May 12, 2006

    Directing Minorities Toward Careers in Evolutionary Biology

    "Undergraduates should get experience in a lab, the field, or a museum, to see if that sort of research suits them." --Scott Edwards

    December 10, 2004

    The GrantDoctor: Transitions from Physics to Biology'

    It's hard to imagine an NSF program officer taking grave exception to your efforts to retrain yourself in a field of high national need.

    The GrantDoctor is here to help! Send questions to Please put "GDR" in the subject header of your E-mail message.

    February 27, 2004

    One Person's Path to Mathematical Biology

    "There is every reason to believe that embarking on a career in mathematical biology is likely to be exciting and very rewarding."

    February 20, 2004

    Mathematical Biology at Arizona State University

    "Diverse, well supported, and above all
    flexible training and research programs must be one of our nation's scientific priorities, as flexibility often leads to innovation."

    February 13, 2003

    Integrating Mathematics and Biology in Exercise Sciences

    "I remain a 'sooty' physiologist, not a mathematician, but my experience has been greatly enhanced by the 'clean' application of mathematics to physiological problems."

    February 20, 2004

    Mathematics and Biology: The View From IPAM

    "If I had one piece of advice to give to young people interested in interdisciplinary work, it would be this: You don't have to know everything."

    September 02, 2011

    A Father-and-Son Journey Into Synthetic Biology

    Justin Siegel rationally engineered unnatural enzymes partly thanks to technology his dad helped develop.

    April 14, 2000

    Biological Archaeology and Research in Germany

    February 06, 2004

    Math and Biology: Careers at the Interface *Feature Index*

    June 02, 2015

    Training for synthetic biology jobs in the new bioeconomy

    Young scientists interested in helping industry harness the potential of synthetic biology must prepare now.

    March 03, 2006

    Systems Biology in Europe: A Meeting of Minds, Expertise and Imagination

    Systems Biology "is one of the areas as a postdoc that you have a chance to become a group leader early," Nicolas Le Novère, European Bioinformatics Institute, U.K.

    March 03, 2006

    Seeing the Big Picture: Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology

    "Some of our members are interested in technological developments and designs that advance systems biology, while others are interested only in the research application of systems biology itself," says OISB Director Daniel Figeys.

    February 20, 2004

    Mathematical Biology: An Evolving Discipline and Career Over 15 years

    "I immediately realised that mathematical biology was (and still is) a fast growing area, and as some people say, it is
    the science of the 21st century."

    January 17, 2003

    The Chemical Biology Training Program: Bringing Biochemists and Chemists Together

    When chemists, biochemists, and pharmacologists have to work together they often discover that their different backgrounds are a source of communication problems.

    December 22, 2000

    Molecular Cell Biology: A Powerhouse Rises in Reborn Dresden

    June 04, 2004

    International Collaborations: Mathematical Biology at Xi'an Jiaotong University

    October 06, 2006

    Careers in Stem Cell Research: Rejuvenating Biology and Medicine

    Everything in an adult organism comes from stem cells. As scientists learn to better understand and direct the path of these cells, it will enhance basic biological and clinical research. The experts interviewed here see a long future ahead for researchers in these areas.

    August 31, 2001

    Changing Fields: From Molecular Biology to Science Teaching and Ethics

    During my biochemistry studies, I was often struck by the great gap between the prevailing views on biotechnology from within the university setting and the views put forward in the public debate 'outside.'

    March 19, 2004

    The Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute Helps Fill a Void

    "MTBI focuses on providing research opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in working on problems at the interface of the natural and social sciences and mathematics."