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    September 13, 2002

    Attracting and Retaining Women in Engineering

    “We are moving forward."

    February 22, 2002

    BC Universities Score a D--for Deregulate

    "One of the main problems in BC right now is that the government is taking major action on innumerable fronts, so there is a sort of numbness on the part of the public."

    April 20, 2001

    Peer-Review Techniques for Novices

    October 04, 2002

    Trainees Brainstorm for a Brighter Future

    "CIHR, as a federal funding agency, is in a great position to encourage the creation of national standards for the training experience and thereby impact the quality of training for all trainees." --Alison Kydd, MD/PhD student

    March 09, 2001

    Academic Orphans

    March 16, 2001

    ABC: A Lesson in Mentoring

    November 01, 2002

    Science on the Farm: Resources