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October 08, 2010

Finding a Future in Management Consulting

When she couldn't find a professorship in her native Portugal, medical physicist Francisca Leite tried something completely new.

December 28, 2012

Science Careers 2012: The Year's Best Stories

The best and most popular stories of 2012, as chosen by readers and editors.

June 19, 2009

Following in Darwin's Footsteps

Archaeologist and naturalist Jordi Serrallonga has developed an unconventional career for which research and travel are both adventures.

August 31, 2012

Helping Paralympians Go for Gold

Sports biomechanics researcher Barry Mason works on improving wheelchair design for basketball and rugby athletes.

March 30, 2012

NPA Founders Find Success

The scientists who founded the National Postdoctoral Association 10 years ago say the experience helped their careers.

November 18, 2011

A Mycologist Reaps the (Glowing) Fruit of His Labor

Patrick Hickey’s career has grown in a way as unpredictable as the organisms he cultivates.

November 25, 2011

Networking Your Way to a Job

Biologist Mary-Rose Hoja has forged a career as a consultant in strategic networking, social media, and mingling.

May 27, 2011

Focus on Aging: Feature Index

The global population is aging. By the end of the 20th century, “many countries, especially in the more developed...
September 23, 2011

Teaching IT in Underprivileged Communities

U.K. scientist Alan Wood obtained a Ph.D. in computer science from North Staffordshire Polytechnic (now Staffordshire...
April 27, 2012

Another NPA Founder Speaks

Today, NPA co-founder Karen Christopherson is principal scientist at a unit of Pfizer.

December 23, 2011

Breakthrough Behind the Scenes

Kimberly Powers's epidemiological research on HIV helped set the stage for this year's Science Breakthrough of the Year.

January 22, 2010

Statistics Serving Biomedicine.

Spanish statistician David Rossell supports other biomedical scientists while pursuing his own research.

Xuguang Chen
July 30, 2013

Yes, I'm That Kind of Doctor

By going to medical school, Ph.D. scientists hope to improve people's lives more directly.

September 09, 2013

Exploring (and Creating) Opportunities

Mike Herd, a self-educated petroleum engineer, is now the head of a technology incubator.

May 04, 2012

Volcanologists for Public Safety

Three volcanologists tell Science Careers how their work enhances public health and safety for communities at risk from volcanoes.

September 18, 2009

A Physicist Finds a Rewarding Career in Charity

Theoretical physicist Lucy Heady switched from science to solving social problems by pursuing a career in the charitable sector.

June 26, 2009

Revising Best-Laid Plans

Tenured scientists tell stories about how they managed to restart their research careers.

October 16, 2009

Finding Your Way Into Policy Careers in Europe

Getting a science policy job in Europe is largely a matter of choosing a beat and finding your own way in.

October 23, 2009

Life After Rejection

You've been denied tenure--now what?

May 07, 2010

Assessing the Impacts of Geoengineering

The idea of intentionally manipulating Earth's climate remains controversial, but research is under way to assess the pros and cons.