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    March 28, 2003

    It's Really a Three-Body Problem

    "Adding a third element--the institution and its needs--to the problem makes it much more difficult to solve."

    April 07, 2006

    Pregnancy and the Lab--Feature Index

    The challenges for pregnant scientists often come unannounced and need to be dealt with quickly; the stakes are high.

    June 06, 2003

    Able Scientists Overcoming Disabilities *Feature Index*

    Becoming a scientist requires stamina and endurance, among other things. As an avid Next Wave reader, you already know...
    June 10, 2004

    Keeping a Career on Track with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Dealing with CFS has been difficult, but Hyland believes the disease was positive for him because it led to a suitable research niche.

    April 29, 2005

    When You're Shy, All the World's a Stage

    Shyness can easily be mistaken for aloofness, coldness, or disinterest. So make the extra effort to smile and to make eye contact to help put the other person at ease.

    March 14, 2003

    Expecting the Unexpected

    "One condition that is absolutely necessary to survive a life like ours is having employers that are flexible."

    April 04, 2003

    Be a Mum and Do Your Research Part Time

    "I am maintaining my publications, so if I ever wish to return to full-time employment, my CV will not have such a glaring hole in it."

    July 28, 2006

    Forty Winks: Science and Sleep

    Given how important sleep is to your health and emotional well-being, it makes sense to monitor your own schedule and make sure you aren't operating at a loss.

    June 06, 2003

    Finding a Niche in the New Biology

    "The need to manoeuvre a wheelchair using handgrips had a drastic effect on sterile technique!"

    January 30, 2004

    Two High-Profile Careers, Two Kids, and a Marriage

    "If you think you are not organised enough, don't worry, you will be; there is no other choice."

    June 20, 2003

    Hugh Herr: Back on Top

    "If there is a mistake in an engineering design it can negatively affect a person's life and lead to human suffering. But a proper and functional design can be of enormous benefit and affect the world in a positive way."

    April 07, 2006

    Alone in the Lab

    Aside from radiation, few U.S. organizations have policies regarding pregnant lab workers, which means women are on their own when it comes to worrying about exposure during pregnancy.

    January 16, 2004

    Parenting 101?

    "At least for us, parenting style has been part philosophy and part serendipity."

    December 01, 2000

    Lois Edgar's Experiences

    September 26, 2003

    A Stimulating Environment

    "For me, working in a stimulating environment with people who do not let their extensive disabilities get them down gives me that extra boost every time."

    March 07, 2003

    Resources for Dual-Career Couples

    Despite the geeky stereotypes, some of us scientists are interesting and--dare we say it?--sexy in our own peculiar way.

    January 16, 2004

    Life-Work Balance. A Father Writes

    "One very positive aspect of being a male postdoc in a laboratory with an understanding (male) mentor was the ability to work flexible hours when the children were younger."

    June 20, 2003

    A Voice for Disabled Scientists

    In addition to providing a platform for discourses, the Resability Forum will soon set up an administrative and organizational service for the realization of personal study and research projects.

    March 01, 2002

    Getting Back to the Bench--Across Europe!

    A number of national funding bodies are discussing abolishing age limits on their grant programmes.