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February 09, 2007

Guiding Countries and Companies to Sustainable Practices

“She is one of those few who have a strong technical background alongside strategic environmental management experience in a large international company,” says Noam Gressel, CEO of Assif Strategies

April 27, 2007

India: A New Knowledge Hot Spot

Academic institutions may offer some of the best opportunities for exchanges with India.

January 27, 2012

HHMI’s International Early-Career Scientists

Three awardees discuss their research careers in China, Spain, and Portugal.

November 02, 2012

Ethics Across Borders

Cultural differences in approaches to ethical issues create challenges for scientists working internationally.

September 05, 2003

A New Sun Rising: Scientific Exchange and Cooperation With Japan

October 25, 2002

Predicting a Future in Venture Capital

"Some experience in venture capital opens up a myriad of other career choices ..."

August 23, 2002

Geosciences in Singapore: An Overview

“Singapore needs a critical mass of educators/researchers and students.”

--Roy C. Sidle

June 28, 2002

Singapore--Regulating Human Stem Cell Research

"If the recommendations are implemented... scientists seeking to carry out human stem cell research in Singapore will have to go through a stringent procedure."

April 19, 2002

Impressions of Southeast Asia

Already a regional hotbed for technology, the next thing to watch for here is biotechnology and science. The government and perceptive businesspeople are putting their best bets on this most buoyant sector now.

September 12, 2003

Insiders View: Japanese Research Culture

"We never realized that giving holidays to recover would work better than working harder. ..."

April 26, 2002

Delving Into Uncharted Domains of the Infinite Mind

Go for it! Exciting prospects are there in many fields such as genetics, physiology, pharmacology, immunology, and neuropathology!

September 14, 2001

Science in Singapore--Riding the Knowledge Wave

"In the next phase of our development, Singaporeans have to be more entrepreneurial."

--Goh Chok Tong

November 01, 2002

After the PhD, What's Next?

"There are good options outside the research laboratory. The biotech, pharmaceutical, and related industries offer a range of non-laboratory-based jobs."

September 14, 2001

Special Greetings to Singapore's Scientific Community

Inaugurating a home page especially dedicated to Singapore's scientific community

June 14, 2002

The Quest for Innovative Science

"It was the joy and excitement in finding something new that could be applied and benefit mankind in the shortest possible time that spurred me into biomedical research."

May 13, 2005

British East Coast Researcher Takes the Plunge Down Under

My main advice for writing an EC application is to keep checking the Cordis Web site for the relevant and up-to-date handbooks and guidelines .

January 18, 2002

Riding the Winds of Change

Further training or university studies might be valuable to keep skills fresh, but in many cases, simply being around people who know more than you, or whose professional depth synergizes well with yours, can help keep you at your best.

October 11, 2002

Mid-Career Transition--Making the Switch a Little Easier

"The self-exploration process could help you enormously in determining the best course of action."

November 29, 2002

Contract Employment: Keeping Your Options Open

"In the clinical research industry, for example, contracting is an extremely valuable mechanism through which you can gain a wide range of experience in many different therapeutic areas"

May 03, 2002

Opportunities for Scientific Translators in Japan