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    February 06, 2004

    Biologist Seeks Understanding Mathematician

    "People who have mathematical, computational, and statistical skills, [and] establish a collaboration and work on real biological problems, have the chance of doing some very, very significant things for human welfare." --Jaroslav Stark

    July 04, 2003

    Cosmetics Research: Reaching Beyond the Fantasy

    April 07, 2006

    Pregnancy and the Lab--Feature Index

    The challenges for pregnant scientists often come unannounced and need to be dealt with quickly; the stakes are high.

    November 03, 2006

    Googling Himself

    "They can be very good computer scientists, but they will not be hired if they don’t fit in the company culture" of Google, says new employee Oliver Heckmann.

    June 10, 2004

    Keeping a Career on Track with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Dealing with CFS has been difficult, but Hyland believes the disease was positive for him because it led to a suitable research niche.

    October 29, 2004

    Funding for French Scientists to Go Abroad

    "If you are looking for a Ph.D. and a way of spending more time abroad, a good alternative would be for you to do a
    co-tutelle de thèse."

    January 03, 2003

    New Oxford Centre to Broaden Young Scientists Minds

    "Here, you are in the position to undertake a project you understand, and you have the tools to make immediate progress. ..." --David Gavaghan

    July 14, 2006

    The Angst of Ramón y Cajal Researchers

    RyC fellows have a harder time fitting within the Spanish academic system unless their university decides to make a welcoming gesture.

    May 02, 2003

    What Does It Take for Women to Stay in Academic Chemistry?

    It may not be a pure coincidence that the two most women-friendly departments in the study were led by young heads who were themselves half of a dual-career couple with children.

    May 28, 2004

    Research Careers In Spain: Young Scientists' Perspective

    The FJI's wish-list for changes may be long and uncompromising but this doesn't mean it is unrealistic, as illustrated by the Juan de la Cierva programme.

    May 23, 2003

    Life in the Hot Seat

    "Find something you believe in and talk about it with passion," says Vallance. But "also disbelieve it enough to challenge it," because that is what you will face from everybody else.

    September 13, 2002

    Ask Sara Your Way Through the Career Maze

    What issues do YOU want the CareerDoctor to address?
    E-mail her today!

    June 02, 2006

    Seeing the Forest and the Trees

    Beyond the challenges, provided one is aware of the rules of the game, leaving academia doesn't need to be a one-way street--and may provide the opportunity to gain valuable skills.

    August 23, 2002

    Chinese Medicine--A Spark in the UK

    "The question is who is going to get the funding first."

    June 30, 2006

    Deciding on a Career in Decision Science

    "Decision science is moving quickly, and is very open ... to new methods and ideas. You can really challenge things and make contributions," says decision-making scientist Carlos Trujillo.

    November 05, 2004

    Major European Centres in the Materials World

    "Because this is an interuniversity centre, it is also dedicated to research training and the
    opportunities are many."

    February 03, 2006

    A Better Recognition of Foreign Diplomas in Spain

    The new law and recent experiences gives hope to scientists who have been struggling in the past.

    September 02, 2005

    Getting a Permanent Position, and a Chair of Excellence, in France

    France is unusual in that finding a position doesn't necessarily mean finding employment.

    July 29, 2005

    Keeping Both Academia and Industry on the Go

    There is much to be gained from industrial experience, Ceccaroni feels, even for those who want an academic career.

    December 03, 2004

    Science Careers in the Arts and Entertainment