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    July 08, 2003

    Introducing Robin

    February 17, 2006

    Finding Answers for Society's Ills

    Like other social psychologists, Clinton-Sherrod is an expert in human social behavior and on how culture affects behavior in social systems.

    May 27, 2005

    Our Community: MiSciNet Campus Reps

    Using their own words, MiSciNet is proud to feature a few of these extraordinary ambassadors of science.

    December 19, 2003

    Vision Cellars

    "As I grew older, I tasted other wines and started seriously considering winemaking as a career." -Mac McDonald

    July 29, 2005

    Testing the Waters in Pharmaceutical Research

    Specializing in Phase 1 and Phase 2A clinical drug-testing trials, the job of King’s research group is to help new drugs gain Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approval.

    July 02, 2004

    Perspectives: Affirmative Action--A Year After the UM Decision

    Does affirmative action really work? Has the situation for minority students changed since then? This article will briefly address the situation and the future of affirmative action.

    July 30, 2004

    The American Sports Medicine Institute

    "The American Sports Medicine Institute located in Birmingham, Alabama, is unique in that it offers training to both those interested in a career in sports medicine research and in clinical practice."

    October 07, 2005

    Wearing Many Hats

    Now, as a faculty member and dean of health sciences at The Community and Technical College of Shepherd in Martinsburg, West Virginia, Plautz looks back at the hats she has worn and the events that have defined her professionally.

    September 05, 2003

    Perspectives: Lack of Diversity in Science

    What if each research institution in the U.S. issued a directive to its departments to make a serious effort to fill one faculty position with an outstanding scientist of color?

    December 22, 2006

    Managing Your Money While in College

    "Potential employers may check credit records, and they don't want to see a lot of consumer debt." --Brent Neiser

    August 12, 2005

    Mitigating Disasters

    His work has involved man-made disasters like the genocide in Rwanda and the collapse of the World Trade Center, and natural disasters like the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Southeast Asia.

    January 14, 2005

    The Wonder of Small Things

    Whitney B. Hill, who joined MVA in October as a research scientist, prepares and analyzes environmental samples for identification and characterization using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM).

    July 14, 2006

    Careers in Wind Energy

    Wind energy is clean, environmentally inert, and inexhaustible.

    December 24, 2004

    The Ride of Your Life

    Finnerty and other female engineers have proven that gender is irrelevant. All that matters is whether a person possesses the skills to do the job.

    May 20, 2005

    Science Journalism Degrees—Do They Make a Difference?

    Science Careers' Robin Arnette talks to officials and former students from three science writing programs: MIT, Boston University, and UC-Santa Cruz.

    November 07, 2003

    November Feature: Scientists in Regulatory Affairs

    May 20, 2005

    FACES: Diversifying Engineering and Science

    While several colleges and universities participate in AGEP, four Atlanta-area schools have been successful in meeting the goals of the program.

    June 10, 2004

    Health Issues in the Scientific Workplace

    December 19, 2003

    Space Time

    Woodrow Whitlow was named deputy director of Kennedy Space Center in September 2003; he gives MiSciNet the inside scoop on his life and work at NASA.

    August 25, 2006

    Special Feature: Seeing the World Through Science

    This feature highlights the sites, sounds, tastes, and ambience of some of our readers' and writers' favorite conference locations, from quaint towns to cosmopolitan cities.