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    June 11, 2004

    Recherche et Diplomatie scientifiques: Au gré du hasard et de motivations personnelles

    "Ces deux postes m'ont permis de continuer à avancer dans ma carrière scientifique tout en apprenant à mieux connaître le fonctionnement de l'administration gouvernementale."

    March 01, 2002

    Cool Careers: Scientists at the Poles *Feature Index*

    Did you know?The term "Arctic" is derived from the Greek word arktos ("bear"), referring to the northern constellation of the Bear.

    November 22, 2002

    Science on the Farm: GMOs and Ethics

    "I like [new recruits] to be fired with enthusiasm for science and for what it can offer society."

    June 28, 2002

    Forensic Science: A Dutch and European Perspective

    "Forensic science is a vibrant field of science in which emerging new techniques are swiftly applied."

    November 28, 2003

    Bringing Together Science, Ethics, People, and Law

    "When I was doing my biology degree, [I was doing it because] it was my favourite subject," says Jenny Dimond. "It never occurred to me [this type of job] existed."

    December 16, 2005

    Risky Business

    “The lifestyle of a postdoc just didn’t appeal to me," Alex Marini, Senior Manager in Risk Management, National Bank of Canada says, "and I knew then that perhaps this wasn’t the direction that I wanted to go.”

    June 02, 2000

    A Woman in Math--A Rarity Indeed

    March 26, 2004

    Drug Discovery Careers--Resources

    A sampling of information resources from Next Wave's feature on drug discovery, as well as other online sources.

    August 09, 2002

    Leading the Way: Stem Cell Research in Sweden

    "The field has recently seen a major cash injection."

    May 27, 2005

    American Scientists Face Challenges at Home and Abroad

    Scott Lilly's best-case funding estimate for the next 5 years, which assumes a swift American exit from Iraq, foresees a 25% decline in real dollars for American science. In the worst case, he sees a drop of twice that size.

    June 30, 2006

    Decision Analysis Meets Environmental Policy

    Because policymakers often are unfamiliar with the environmental science involved, a decision analyst serves as a conduit to translate the data into a useful framework.

    March 15, 2002

    Forty Days at Sea

    My route into science, and ultimately this cruise, has not been a traditional or smooth one!

    June 25, 2004

    Enabling Science in Sub-Saharan Africa

    "The only way to find that out is to actually go out and do it, to be on the ground, increasing the range of information that we have, so that I can make it available to anybody at NSF or in the community, so that they can do great science in Africa." --Libby Lyons

    August 23, 2002

    Your Job Is Out There

    Two words: Dana Scully.

    July 23, 2004

    NSF Out Back

    The goal of NSF's summer institutes is to foster a generation of scientists that is comfortable in international settings.

    October 05, 2001

    A Partner's Perspective

    The job is an interesting mix of academic work and developing good relationships with people.

    April 25, 2003

    From Doing Science to Servicing Science

    "In the research world, a scientist aims to generate results and publications; in the servicing world, a scientist aims to help the scientist customer achieve results."