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    November 18, 2005

    Industry Insider: The European Steel Industry, a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

    Once they are in, young employees often state how surprised they are at how high tech, innovative, and environmentally-friendly today's steel industry is.

    August 18, 2006

    Tooling Up: Are You Management Material?

    Although it is true that some people use an early MBA as a launching pad, many others claim that the degree, without work experience behind it, only makes the job search more difficult.

    August 06, 2004

    Doing the Numbers

    The Rand report concludes that, although adequate data and accurate assessments of labor market conditions are important for many different parties, early career and prospective scientists are especially vulnerable.

    November 03, 2006

    Googling Himself

    "They can be very good computer scientists, but they will not be hired if they don’t fit in the company culture" of Google, says new employee Oliver Heckmann.

    December 09, 2005

    Making the Most of Career Fairs

    Sometimes we scientists get so carried away doing our best work, or presenting that work in the best possible light, that we forget to bathe (or maybe that is just me?).

    December 02, 2005

    Patient to Retrain in Patent Law

    "You have a lot to learn, but when you can argue the case of your patent application successfully to a patent examiner, it's great," says Sarah Thompson.

    March 18, 2005

    Tooling Up: The Job-Offer Checklist

    There are great opportunities in industry, as well as situations in which your career could languish.

    August 18, 2006

    Testing the Science Enterprise Market

    "I used this event to get an idea of how academics should present their ideas to business groups--for example, the need to provide an exit strategy for investors so they can see where and when they will get their money back," says Jonathan Styles.

    September 12, 1997

    What Are Headhunters and How Do They Work?

    PREVIOUS COLUMNS A few years ago, Dr. Jim Bylund was studying gene expression in Bacillus subtilis, working as a...
    September 26, 1997

    Dressing Scientists for Success: Male Case Study

    February 04, 2005

    Weeding Out the Bugs: The Birth of a Biopesticide Firm

    "It's easy to find things that work. But to produce them on a large scale and market [them], it's a whole new thing, and it requires a lot more expertise that maybe in-house researchers just don't have," says Hélène Chaisson, Vice-President of Research and Development, Codena.

    April 29, 2005

    Tomorrow's Bioleaders -- Class of 2005

    If you stay in the lab, you can only be as innovative as yourself.

    August 06, 1999

    Industrial Postdocs: Un Postdoc Industriel Pour Commencer Ó Vivre

    May 20, 2005

    Starting a Career in Science Writing

    We asked, they answered, and we wrote it down.

    January 14, 2005

    Bringing Science to Market

    "The most important concept you have to remember is that technology doesn't mean you have a company." Says Roger Bernier, Vice-President of Foragen Technologies Management.

    August 06, 1999

    Industrial Postdocs: The Wave of the Present

    August 06, 1999

    Industrial Postdocs: The Pros and Cons of Doing an Industrial Postdoc

    March 11, 2005

    The Job Opportunity Market - A New Way of Applying?

    It is a successful formula for this target group.

    January 14, 2004

    Your Innovative Idea

    Young scientific and technical entrepreneurs are not alone in the Netherlands.

    January 14, 2005

    The Wonder of Small Things

    Whitney B. Hill, who joined MVA in October as a research scientist, prepares and analyzes environmental samples for identification and characterization using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM).