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    April 23, 2004

    The Liaison Officer: Taking Non-Research Activities off Scientists’ Minds

    "All you need to do is be more flexible in your wishes and adapt to the possibilities."

    September 10, 2004

    Organising the Young Researchers Program: The Next Generation Involved

    "GeNeYouS has turned this YRP into more than just a workshop session."

    March 12, 2004

    Meet the Netherlands Editor

    "It makes life a lot easier to put your decisions into perspective, in that they are less likely to keep you awake at night."

    May 28, 2004

    The Perfect Match: Welcoming Foreign Students

    "The bureaucracy around the regulations to have someone come over has become more intensive, tougher, more complicated, and way too expensive."

    August 06, 2004

    Clap Your Skates: Innovation All Along

    "There's a time for creating products, and there's one for earning money."

    July 23, 2004

    Going Down Under: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience?

    "By the time you've got your funding sorted, prepared your visa request, and passed your English test, your acceptance is still not guaranteed."

    May 21, 2004

    Immigrant Talent Is Jostling for Research Position

    The current Mosaic programme has put the issue of ethnic minorities at the top of the universities' agendas.

    October 01, 2004

    Organising the Next Generation: Young European Scientists Come Together

    "This is an overview of the existing European networks for young scientists. Feel free to add any missing link."

    February 25, 2005

    Dutch First Impressions: Cover Letters and CVs in the Netherlands

    "It just has to look polished."

    April 29, 2005

    Tomorrow's Bioleaders -- Class of 2005

    If you stay in the lab, you can only be as innovative as yourself.

    June 25, 2004

    Technological and Scientific Councillor: The Bilateral Bridge

    "This is not a 'sitting-behind-your-desk job'."

    March 11, 2005

    The Job Opportunity Market - A New Way of Applying?

    It is a successful formula for this target group.

    January 14, 2004

    Your Innovative Idea

    Young scientific and technical entrepreneurs are not alone in the Netherlands.

    June 11, 2004

    Making Your Career: A Recipe for Success

    "Two things are essential for a good scientist: the willingness to learn new things and the ability to talk to people outside your field."

    November 12, 2004

    Growing Diamonds and Biosensors

    "Nowadays, Philips is looking more for people with a Ph.D. in a relevant field."

    April 01, 2005

    Young Scientists Take to the Streets

    Having science communication projects on your CV can be a major plus.

    March 19, 2004

    The Role of Young Scientists in Public Communication

    Young scientists ... may not be so immersed in their particular research field.

    August 20, 2004

    Ph.D. in Industry: The First Year

    So underneath the "commercial face" of the project, the heart of all partners is definitely in science and innovation.