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    June 13, 2003

    Toolkit: Scientists and Immigration

    We just want all the scientists who choose to work in the U.S. to get as much satisfaction from their work and their lives as possible, whether they were born and educated here or overseas.

    May 07, 1999

    Careers in Teaching: Resources

    February 23, 2001

    Mehr Geld für deutsche Studenten -- Das neue BAföG ab 1. April 2001

    July 28, 2006

    Forty Winks: Science and Sleep

    Given how important sleep is to your health and emotional well-being, it makes sense to monitor your own schedule and make sure you aren't operating at a loss.

    August 30, 2002

    Science’s Next Wave Policy Debate--Europe

    "These days, the academic postdoc position has become a 'holding pattern,' a place where scientists wait it out until obtaining an independent post."

    June 03, 2005

    Italian Universities Raise Their Fists

    At the core of the current draft bill is the very contentious and still-debated intention to eliminate the permanent position of
    ricercatore, and replace it with the new and untenured
    aggiunto professorship.

    November 07, 2003

    The "Other" Postdoc Curriculum

    "We deliberately tell them up front that their possibilities of getting a faculty position are few and far between. [Postdocs] need to stretch [their] horizons."

    --Trevor Penning

    October 03, 2003

    The M.D./Ph.D. Career Track

    Do you want to be a doctor or a scientist? Yes, there is a difference. Medical doctors are trained to make patients...
    February 02, 2001

    Careers in Nanobiotechnology: Computational Biotechnology

    June 06, 2003

    Finding a Niche in the New Biology

    "The need to manoeuvre a wheelchair using handgrips had a drastic effect on sterile technique!"

    October 22, 2004

    GrantDoctor Special Edition: Funding International Research Collaborations

    "The National Science Foundation's (NSF's) core mission is to advance U.S. science and engineering. At the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the mandate is much broader--to improve human health--so NIH is better able to fund research overseas than NSF is. This difference is important but perhaps not as profound as it seems, because NIH also has conditions on funding overseas research, and NSF recognizes that international collaborations are crucial to advancing U.S. science and works to promote them wherever possible."

    The GrantDoctor is here to help! Send questions to Please put "GDR" in the subject header of your E-mail message.

    November 22, 2002

    Educated Woman: The Grad School Adventures of Micella Phoenix DeWhyse--Chapter 11: Fellowship Applications Are FUN!

    "Alas, I have found that this process has given me new vigor about my work and the work I am proposing to do."

    February 03, 2006

    A Bridge to Independence

    ”Nothing is more important than supporting the new investigators early. … In the press of budget adjustment, we do not jeopardize the seeds of the future.” --Elias Zerhouni

    December 24, 1999

    The Postdoctoral System Needs Reform

    October 19, 2001

    Mehr Internationalität notwendig

    Gegenwärtig hat Deutschland nur sieben Prozent ausländische Studenten und nur fünf Prozent ausländische Professoren und Doktoranden.

    March 26, 1999

    Grad Student Union Finally Busts UC