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    August 13, 1999

    Introducing the GrantDoctor

    February 14, 2003

    Promoting Science Through Policy: An Interview With Kathie Olsen

    "You are going to be changing your directions and your careers throughout your entire life and you need to be open to it and look forward to the opportunities."

    October 25, 2002

    Leaving the Lab Behind

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    October 19, 2001

    Feel Like You Are Getting a Raw Deal? We Can Help

    Your union can help if you want better pay or if anything bad happens to you, but like any insurance it can only help if you have been a member for some time prior to a crisis.

    November 03, 2000

    Getting Started in Distance Education: The Ups and Downs of Software

    April 09, 2004

    Academic Scientists at Work: Where'd My Day Go?

    "Be aware of where your day goes, implement whatever strategies you can think of to save time, and do not get so caught up in the day-to-day that you lose site of your objectives."

    March 26, 2004

    Italian Universities in Turmoil

    "Under the new scheme, new PhDs will be offered a 5-year contract, renewable for another 5 years."

    July 26, 2002

    Fostering Diversity in the Earth and Space Sciences

    "The failure to diversify the faculties and student populations in most earth and space science departments suggests that there may be prohibitive barriers, inappropriate pedagogical practices, or insensitive policies that make the academic environment unattractive to underrepresented groups."

    July 19, 2002

    A Monster of a Slump: Choking the Life Out of Your Job Search

    "She had taken her eye off the ball and been hurt by indecision and fear of the unknown. The slump monster claims another victim."

    April 06, 2001

    Solutions for Pregnant Postdocs

    September 10, 2004

    Peer Mentoring, Part 2: Practical Methods to Lift As We Climb

    Mentoring is most often about encouragement, support, and sharing resources and information, but it can also be a reminder to proceed with caution.

    October 07, 2005

    International Careers Report: Germany — In Pursuit of Excellence

    February 11, 2000

    So What?: How Not to Kill a Grant Application, Part Three

    June 29, 2001

    Darning the Holes

    June 25, 1999

    Patent Law: Advice From a Patent Law Job Seeker in the UK

    September 06, 2002

    Creating an Action Agenda for Change in Europe

    "Above all DO SOMETHING!"

    June 20, 2003

    Hugh Herr: Back on Top

    "If there is a mistake in an engineering design it can negatively affect a person's life and lead to human suffering. But a proper and functional design can be of enormous benefit and affect the world in a positive way."

    May 09, 2003

    Anstoß zum Aufstieg

    Es kam zu einem sehr intensiven, produktiven Erfahrungsaustausch sowohl während der Übungen als auch im persönlichen Gespräch in den Pausen.