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    May 24, 2002

    Young Science Policy Professionals: Building a New Community

    "Science and technology policy is full of people who have jumped across boundaries and fought institutional pressures."

    May 21, 2004

    Chasing the Ghost of Diversity

    "There isn't a 'magic bullet' to fix the problem, but all things are possible if individual members of the scientific community are willing to work together."

    July 05, 2002

    The View From the Ground

    "The real action is local, so the best approach is to zero in on one or more school districts, contact the local officials, and tell them that you are interested in becoming a teacher."

    April 19, 2002

    Clinical Research Training Strategies

    CR neophytes take heart--some Canadian academic institutions are recognizing the need for programmes emphasizing clinical research training and coursework for scientists.

    June 28, 2002

    An Interview With Jennie Patrick

    "Whether an individual is a first or is one of a few, it is important to stay focused on what it is that you wish to accomplish."

    September 12, 2003

    Life In Biotech

    "Here you have to make sure you're getting things done and meeting your objectives. It's almost a completely different experience."

    December 03, 2004

    NSF Workshop on the Postdoc Experience Calls for "Culture Change"

    Correcting the problems and inequities that bedevil postdocs will require changing the culture of labs and universities across the country, and the National Science Foundation can and should take steps to catalyze reform.

    November 10, 2000

    NYU Grads Win Vote to Unionize Amid Controversy

    September 28, 2001

    Overcoming Workforce Shortages--The Search for Talents Continues

    The government believes that international talents bring in fresh ideas, new expertise, global connections, and long-term benefits for the country.

    June 04, 2004

    A Measured Dose of Corporate Support

    Corporate sponsorship can provide not only funding but also access to information that's difficult to pull together, insight into techniques the corporation is experienced with, and access to resources that would otherwise be unavailable.

    February 01, 2002

    The Chemistry of Editing

    The two most important things to remember for a successful publication are deadlines and audience!

    October 05, 2001

    Financial Planning for Scientists, Part 12: More on Mutual Funds

    How to read a mutual fund listing and where to get more information about mutual funds.

    July 12, 2002

    Singapore: A Career in Science Education

    As life sciences take on the role as the fourth pillar of the nation’s economy, and with the pace of development in this sector accelerating rapidly, science education is taking on an increasingly greater role in preparing students for many of tomorrow's challenges.

    May 28, 2004

    Against the Clock: Expiry Date for Researchers in Germany?

    " I feel I am doing a good job, and I have enough money from grants to continue my work, but I still have to leave."

    January 16, 2004

    Dr Bridget's New Year's Resolutions

    "Brought back down to earth sharply when I realise that it will take the insight of Einstein, the prose of Proust, and the spin of Alastair Campbell to turn this mess of half-baked ideas into any kind of story."

    May 26, 2000

    Minority Grants and E-mail Etiquette

    March 22, 2002

    Educated Woman: The Grad School Adventures of Micella Phoenix DeWhyse--Chapter 3: The Craziness of Comps

    The funny thing is, there seems to be a myriad of attitudes around me about this wretched exam.

    August 06, 2004

    It's great if you're straight?

    So far [at conferences] I have asked intelligent questions, which probably helps to show I am a scientist first and a transsexual second," says Alison*.

    October 05, 2001

    Careers in Patent Law

    March 10, 2006

    New Research and Job Opportunities in Southern Europe

    "I would encourage [young people] to send us [their] CV; if we know you are interested, we can always keep it on file and bear it in mind for positions when they are coming up," says Edward Mitchell, manager of the new Carl-Ivar Brändén Building in France.