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    March 03, 2000

    Prize for Young Chemists

    August 04, 2006

    Keeping Safe: Some Cautionary Tales

    In all these cases, the outcome would have been better if the scientists and their colleagues had taken the time to fully appreciate the risks.

    January 31, 2004

    Building a Career in Public Health

    If more scientists get involved in public health, both science and public health can reap the benefits.

    September 13, 2002

    Postdoc Economics

    "The best way to maintain the ranks of physical scientists is to ensure that science jobs pay well and that science careers are attractive relative to alternatives."

    February 10, 2006

    Model Builder

    "It is definitely an asset to work with more than one system. It opens us up to different ways of thinking and keeps us flexible and less likely to sink into dogma. The differences in how the various systems are wired are as important as the similarities." --Sabeeha Merchant, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

    July 29, 2005

    Training and Transitions

    Despite a smattering of specialized coursework, company and university officials admit that the traditional science degree isn't focused on the skills that employers really look for.

    March 05, 2004

    A Career in Drug Discovery and Development

    "An entire industry depends on the timely discovery and development of new medications--an outstanding and growing opportunity for young scientists."

    November 15, 2002

    The Rewards of Biomedical Engineering

    "Stick to the classics, you've got to have the background before deciding what you want to be."

    Reprinted with permission from
    IEEE Spectrum Careers, the career development Web site of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ (IEEE) Spectrum magazine.

    November 19, 2004

    A Tale of Two Chemists: Finding Fulfillment in Science

    Both recognized a love for math and science early in life and pursued their career goals with passion and hard work.

    December 17, 2004

    Women Say Stopping Tenure Clock Isn't Enough

    But those changes aren't making much of a dent in the cultural norms that put a premium on productivity, especially at the start of an academic career.

    January 08, 1999

    Regional Hot Spots in Biotech

    PREVIOUS COLUMNS One of my side interests is moderating a biotechnology career discussion on the Internet, which...
    September 10, 2004

    MiSciNet's Ancestors of Science, George Washington Carver

    August 30, 2002

    Can Money Turn Singapore Into A Biotech Juggernaut?

    “The biomedical initiative, Yeo explains, is meant to combine these elements into “an integrated, goal-oriented approach to develop human, intellectual, and industrial capital” in the life sciences”

    January 12, 2000

    Don't Even Go There!

    April 18, 2003

    Case Studies for Change: The University of California and the Whitehead Institute

    "Putting together new policies that overlie a system as large as the University of California is no easy task."

    February 16, 2001

    Single Parents to Do Graduate Studies Abroad

    December 07, 2001

    Careers in Science Broadcasting: From Microscope to Microphone

    As an editor at DW-Radio in charge of the science program, I frequently receive phone calls from authors wanting to sell their stories.

    October 12, 2001

    Small Educational Instrument Grants

    The GrantDoctor is here to help! Send questions to Please put "GDR" in the subject header of your E-mail message. Next column: October 26

    February 15, 2002

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