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    July 16, 2004

    Tooling Up: Career Success Factors, Part 2--Ten Habits of Successful Scientists

    "The most successful people realize that counting on perfection at all times is impractical." --Michael Zigmond

    September 20, 2002

    Nanotechnology--The Talk of the Scientific Town

    “Just as during the past decade many scientists became convinced that nanotechnology would revolutionize our world, so the politicians have followed: In the 6th Framework Programme of the EU, nanotechnology will be one of the key areas.”

    December 13, 2002

    Euros From Heaven

    As well as more targeted financial help, attitudes will also need to change if the professional life of scientist-parents is to improve.

    November 14, 2003

    Leiph Preston at the Epicenter

    "I have to say that everyone I worked with treated me with respect and was more than willing to help if I ran into a problem or listen to any ideas I had. I could not have asked for a better adviser than Ken Creager. He was helpful, supportive, resourceful, and just in general an all around nice guy."

    September 15, 2006

    Research Careers in Forensics

    Colleagues don't always look as good in their lab coats as the forensic scientists on TV, but forensics research is a great job for the right kind of person.

    December 23, 2005

    The Evolution of Butterfly Vision

    Briscoe believes that evolutionary biology is an important--and growing--discipline that will continue to offer a range of career opportunities.

    September 03, 2004

    Evolving Career Options in the Changing World of Software

    "These new features have accelerated the pace of change in the industry, providing new opportunities for software specialists but at the same time requiring specialists to stay current with these new developments or get left behind."

    March 05, 2004

    Of Noble Descent

    February 10, 2006

    Plant Sciences: A Minority Perspective

    November 16, 2001

    Agitators on the Inside

    October 03, 2003

    The M.D./Ph.D.: An Academic Path to a Career as a Physician-Scientist

    Well-trained physician scientists have the experience and instincts to observe clinical syndromes, reflect on symptoms in the light of fundamental biological science, and pursue the study of those diseases through hypothesis-driven research.

    October 10, 2003

    Science Advisors Part 2: Getting On

    "Without the mistakes I probably wouldn't have learnt some valuable lessons."

    October 03, 2003

    Doctoral Education in the United Kingdom

    April 06, 2001

    Careers in Marine Sciences: Resources Page

    November 16, 2001

    Bioengineering Training in Canada

    Ultimately, the culmination of both their academic and technical training is the ability for students to conceive, design, and finally execute research projects that are at the cutting edge of BME.

    May 31, 2002

    Brave New World

    "It is fairly irrelevant what academic background one has. All one needs is curiosity, smarts, and enthusiasm." --Steve Potter

    August 10, 2001

    Under One Roof: Atlantic R&D Clusters Take Off

    "The development of R&D clusters in the Atlantic provinces is the latest example of the public and private sectors working together to overcome the knowledge transfer hurdle."

    March 26, 2004

    Escape to Industry, Part II

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