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    March 19, 1999

    Canadian Federation of Students to Take Feds to Court

    July 11, 2003

    Experimenting With Science Writing

    "I was encouraged by the fact that CIHR recognizes the need for translating scientific materials into articles that inform and educate the public."

    April 09, 2004

    Transfer Yourself From the Academic to the Commercial World

    Due to the high volume of questions received, the CareerDoctor cannot answer all queries on an individual basis. Look for an answer to your question published in this column soon! Thank you!

    January 15, 1999

    Fighting for Preservation of the Physician-Scientist

    August 23, 2002

    Science and Alternative Medicine: Two Peas in a Pod?

    The text of this article is currently under review.

    February 11, 2005

    Internet Collaborations

    Remote collaboration … Funding for foreign postdocs.

    The GrantDoctor is here to help! Send questions to Please put "GDR" in the subject header of your E-mail message.

    April 19, 2002

    Supply and Demand

    Pay at all levels also comes in for scrutiny, and the report recommends that teachers, PhD students, postdocs, and academics all get raises.

    February 15, 2002

    Financial Planning *Index of Articles*

    October 03, 2003

    Starting Down the MD/PhD Track

    "Even though I was initially drawn to the more prominent members of an institution's faculty--the ones I was most likely to have heard of before joining the institution--I quickly found myself paying more attention to younger investigators and their new perspectives on larger research problems."

    October 14, 2005

    MentorDoctor: No Pubs, No Postdoc?

    June 11, 1999

    Scientists Block NIH Plan to Grant Ph.D.s

    June 07, 2002

    Careers in Forensic Science *Feature Index*

    Forensics has broadened to include specialists who started out in many different scientific backgrounds.

    December 24, 1999

    Athena in Mentor's Clothing: Part Two

    June 21, 2002

    Forensic Phonetics

    "In my case, my initial interest in language was not scientific but rather playful."

    July 21, 2000

    Diversity: Easier Said Than Done

    September 15, 2000

    Bad Poster Art

    October 12, 2001

    Anticipation ... Is Getting Me Down

    September 20, 2002

    The PhD Viva: Thrive or Survive

    "If you can give a good account of why you did what you did, you are already a long way to winning your examiners over."

    May 27, 2005

    Yours Transferredly: Standing in the Welfare Line

    Fancy having a Ph.D. and not being able to get a job!

    January 19, 2001

    Bridging the GREAT Divide: A Postdoctoral View