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    March 11, 2005

    A Scientist as a Knowledge Agent

    Lewis, who trained as a geoscientist to doctoral level, describes her work at Dstl as 'research, but a different kind of research.'

    February 15, 2002

    Can a White Male Really be an Effective Mentor?

    My experiences suggest that it is not too hard to be an effective mentor for a minority student.

    March 18, 2005

    Bridges to American Indian Students in Community Colleges Program

    Program goals are to increase the number of American Indian students pursuing baccalaureate degrees in biomedical sciences after transferring to 4-year institutions, and to increase the number of these students participating in biomedical research.

    February 11, 2000

    100 Years of Women at German Universities

    January 03, 2003

    Creative Pursuit

    "Science … is the great stepping stone to any career."

    March 24, 2000

    Flexing Their Business Mussels

    October 17, 2003

    From Bench to BMBF

    How do you become the personal advisor of a science minister? One cannot plan it; one can only seize the opportunity if it presents itself.

    March 23, 2001

    Funding Emergency Response and Using GrantsNet

    November 18, 2005

    Clinton Junior College: Monitoring, Motivating, and Mentoring Students in STEM

    The CIPA grant is part of a program designed to help minority institutions develop science and math curricula while attracting and preparing underrepresented students for careers in STEM.

    October 12, 2001

    Chemical Transformations: From Prof to Patent Law

    Law is very different from science.

    July 14, 2000

    In the Final Analysis

    February 01, 2002

    Federal Science Policy and the Postdoc: What Do Postdocs Want?

    Reform efforts will have to be collaborative. While the postdocs themselves must play a role, the major responsibility for change lies with those who have the most power." --
    COSEPUP report (2000)

    September 01, 2000

    Bioinformatics: Computational Biology: From Data to Knowledge

    July 23, 2003

    Funded Up and Raring to Go

    This article comes to you through a collaboration between Next Wave and Science's aging knowledge environment,
    SAGE KE. The joint venture is supported by the
    AARP Andrus Foundation.

    March 10, 2000

    Networking European Chemists

    February 11, 2000

    Site review: The Great Canadian Scientists Website

    June 14, 2002

    Framework Programmes Evolve

    "The ERC should be used to support elite centers, large technical projects, and collaborative research projects."

    August 23, 2002

    Dutch-German Geoscience

    "Besides close co-operation on the science itself, EUROPROX also offers an educational programme for graduate students in which the expertise available in both countries is combined."

    March 14, 2003

    Cover Letters: Cover the Marketing

    A cover letter is the chance to create a one-page marketing brochure aimed at convincing the reader to hire you.