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    February 18, 2000

    Germany to Introduce Bachelor and Masters Degrees

    November 14, 2003

    Making a Comeback

    Due to the high volume of questions received, the CareerDoctor cannot answer all queries on an individual basis. Look for an answer to your question published in this column soon! Thank you!

    June 04, 1999

    Canadian News: *Feature Index*

    July 28, 2000

    Federal Policies Send Scientists Back to School

    May 03, 2002

    From Academia to Embassy: An Unusual Career Path

    As science and technology counsellor, I further bilateral collaborations, R&D partnerships, and strategic alliances.

    May 24, 2002

    When a Mentor Becomes a Thief

    "I've talked to scores and scores of people who allege misconduct, and most of them are entirely right"

    August 12, 2005

    Ancestors of Science: Ynés Mexía

    May 17, 2002

    Entrepreneurship and Medical Writing: Building a New Career

    "On some level, I was always aware that I would not work as a laboratory technician for the remainder of my professional life."

    August 09, 2002

    Sharing Research Information: The Benefits of Networking

    "Research information databases are ideal starting points for developing your own contacts …"

    June 21, 2002

    A Guide to Surveys by, for, and of Postdocs

    May 10, 2002

    Networking: How to Get a Good Connection

    Effective networking requires creating a dialogue.

    February 06, 2004

    Mathematics, Epidemics, and Homeland Security

    "In this month's edition of Beyond Numbers and Proofs, I will address a few issues on the impact of global change with respect to the role of mathematics."

    March 26, 1999

    Biotech Incubator: A Helping Hand for Budding Entrepreneurs

    January 31, 2003

    My Path From a Pharmaceutical Lab to Graduate Research in Animal Welfare

    Regardless of what my future holds, I am confident that following my interests and convictions was my best career move yet.

    December 12, 2003

    Adventures of a Mathematical Biologist

    "As a youngster in elementary and junior high schools, I excelled in all academic subjects. I was especially talented with numbers, but I never thought about becoming a mathematician or a scientist."

    August 23, 2002

    Arbeidsmarktnieuws augustus 2002: Landbouw en sociale wetenschappen moeten pensioengolf meeste vrezen

    “Voor liefst een derde van de uhd-plaatsen in de sociale wetenschappen is geen opvolger voorhanden.”

    March 21, 2003

    The Pros and Cons of a Local PhD

    "Today, our graduates are spoilt for choices when it comes to picking a PhD program."