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    August 23, 2002

    Arbeidsmarktnieuws augustus 2002: Landbouw en sociale wetenschappen moeten pensioengolf meeste vrezen

    “Voor liefst een derde van de uhd-plaatsen in de sociale wetenschappen is geen opvolger voorhanden.”

    March 21, 2003

    The Pros and Cons of a Local PhD

    "Today, our graduates are spoilt for choices when it comes to picking a PhD program."

    February 02, 2001

    Careers in Nanobiotechnology: It Takes a lot of Money to Make Little Things!

    May 19, 2006

    Chemical Connections

    “We are looking for people who have a history of publishing and presenting. If the résumé doesn’t have those two key elements, they’ll be at a competitive disadvantage.” - Ron Webb, Procter and Gamble

    June 14, 2002

    Project Management for Scientists, Part 2: Getting Experience

    "Salaries for Ph.D.s with project-management experience tend to be higher, but jobs for people with a bachelor's or master's degree and relevant experience are more plentiful."

    June 27, 2003

    Guiding the Guides

    Supervisors often unconsciously reproduce the manner in which they themselves once were supervised.

    September 17, 2004

    Careers in research: the new monasticism

    "I have watched many forced out of the work they love into jobs in which the major consolation is that "at least it provides a career structure."

    April 15, 2005

    Ancestors of Science: Susan LaFlesche Picotte

    October 04, 2002

    Investing in Science: *Feature Index*

    July 09, 2004

    Testing New Waters

    "The fellowship gave me the opportunity to go out there and prove to myself that I could make it as a researcher."

    January 10, 2003

    Interdisciplinarity and Tenure

    Standard practice, endorsed by the Red Book of the American Association of University Professors, still tends to give disciplinary departments the loudest voice in the debate over whether a young scholar gets lifetime employment--or is fired.

    December 17, 2004

    Following My Curiosity

    As one of the lucky ones that cleared the Ph.D. hurdle and went on to a satisfying professional career, I am now committed to helping more African-American students follow their curiosity, wherever it may lead.

    September 26, 2003

    Life and Research in the Netherlands, Part 1: Language and Culture

    "When you do get invited to a party, make sure you know what you're getting into. ..."

    April 02, 2004

    A Union Contract Aimed at Preserving the Postdoc Experience

    The postdocs take particular pride that dire predictions of spoiled relationships with mentors have not come true. The negotiations, in Wallace's words, "were very harmonious and productive."

    November 22, 2002

    Imaging Pay Dirt

    "My career has been a winding path through different areas of the country and fields of natural science, but it has provided me with the background to approach these problems in the grape industry."

    March 03, 1999

    Stock Market: Making the Transition From Acids to Assets

    April 26, 2002

    Of Particular Interest

    July 05, 2002

    From Bench Top to Blackboard: Resources for Making the Transition

    November 22, 2002

    From Geography to Broiler Farms

    One important lesson I learned from the results of our investigations was that combining goals like animal welfare and sustainable resource utilisation may in some cases lead to unavoidable and even irresolvable conflicts.

    April 14, 2006

    Writing the Teaching Statement

    Teaching statements, an obligatory part of most faculty applications, can be painful to write and even more painful to read. Here's how to minimize the pain for everyone--and make your teaching statement work to your advantage.