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    July 27, 2001

    Chemiekarriere.DE: A Helpful Tool

    "The chemistry job market in Germany has been almost nonexistent for the last couple of years, but the situation has now changed quite a bit."

    July 07, 2000

    DIY for Contract Researchers. Resources: Where Now?

    January 17, 2003

    Transitions Part Six: The Golden Contact

    My best Christmas present this year was a job offer.

    January 21, 2000

    Drafting a Business Plan: Part 19 of 'Learnin's From My MBA' Series

    June 22, 2001

    New Nanotechnology Centres Announced

    May 30, 2003

    Stepping Into the Business World

    "Having no formal business training, I am enjoying learning more about complex issues such as intellectual property rights."

    September 07, 2001

    Educating Postdocs About the Other Part of Their Future Faculty Jobs

    "Participating in education-related programs and courses broadens the horizons for postdocs and graduate students."

    March 24, 2000

    Site Review: The Research Assistant

    November 10, 2006

    Opportunities: Intellectual Property, Part 1

    If you remain in science, it is almost certain that at some point in your career you will invent something--or be working on a team that invents something--that has potential commercial value.

    December 08, 2006

    Opportunities: Intellectual Property, Part 2

    Find that agreement your employer made you sign, and read it very carefully.

    June 08, 2001

    Get a Head Start on Setting Up a Safe Laboratory

    January 16, 2004

    Network Your Way Into Work, Part II: The Seven Laws of Networking

    "Finding work needs more than a handful of extremely close and dear friends. …"

    April 16, 1999

    Site Review: The Milkround (Graduate Recruitment)

    November 24, 2006

    Saving Languages, Sustaining Communities

    “My interest has always been in language structure, the grammar of language,” Axelrod says. “So many different ways to talk about the world, it just makes you think how brilliant we are as human beings.”

    September 19, 2003

    NSF Activities in Japan

    The portfolio of NSF-sponsored activities in Japan (and elsewhere in East Asia) provides a menu of exciting, career-expanding activities for junior science and technology researchers.

    November 23, 2001

    Canadian Diaspora: What Expat Canadians Are Really Saying

    If universities want to recruit the best people, they should act fast.

    May 23, 2003

    It's a Jungle Out There, Part 2: Edutrainment--Developing More Than One Leg to Stand on

    The job you are pursuing at every point in your career must be a simultaneous blend of education, training, and socially acceptable employment.

    November 09, 2001

    Mad Dogs and Englishmen: A French Canadian's Journey

    In the end, the choice to go back to North America was far from easy and was, frankly, heartbreaking.

    September 23, 2005

    Defending Your Graduate Life

    Valentine, scheduled to defend her dissertation in March 2006 at Johns Hopkins University's Department of Physics and Astronomy, shares her graduate school experiences and talks about her preparation for her thesis defense.