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June 20, 2003

NSF to Seek Increase in Postdoc Salaries

If NSF's base postdoc stipend remains unchanged until FY 2005, the pay of NSF graduate fellows will be bumping up against it.

August 01, 2003

The California Plan

A new California plan promises uniform health insurance benefits for all postdocs.

September 05, 2003

New Models for Health Insurance

"The future begins in California."

October 03, 2003

Can Labor Unions Work for Postdocs?

"I don't think that a union and a professional society are mutually exclusive," said NPA spokesperson Orfeu Buxton.

October 24, 2003

Living a Double Life

Running a productive lab is the career's greatest challenge. It requires lessons not included in medical and scientific training.

November 07, 2003

The "Other" Postdoc Curriculum

"We deliberately tell them up front that their possibilities of getting a faculty position are few and far between. [Postdocs] need to stretch [their] horizons."

--Trevor Penning

November 07, 2003

Mentoring and PI Productivity

Mentors' obligations also include providing their postdocs practical counsel and aid in moving to their next post, as well as all needed facilities and supplies. And mentors should never add "surprise" responsibilities, a practice that is simply "not fair," Cech said.

January 16, 2004

Unionization and Education: A Faculty View

"Given postdocs' dependence on their mentors for both current working conditions and future career prospects, potential effects on mentor-postdoc relations have raised concern. Predictions range from destruction of that crucial partnership to a new era of improved mutual respect."

February 06, 2004

The State of Public University Funding

"Cost of living adjustments? Nobody's getting those," says Shawn Hayes, chair of the statewide University of California Council of Postdoctoral Scholars and a postdoc at UC Davis. There's also discussion of "the possibility of a 10% across-the-board salary cut for everybody, including faculty."

March 05, 2004

President's Budget: Bleak Prospects for Postdocs

"For postdocs dependent on federal dollars, therefore, the figures in the Bush budget proposal are largely a matter of read 'em and weep."

April 02, 2004

A Union Contract Aimed at Preserving the Postdoc Experience

The postdocs take particular pride that dire predictions of spoiled relationships with mentors have not come true. The negotiations, in Wallace's words, "were very harmonious and productive."

May 07, 2004

Looking Forward, Looking Backward

"The ivory tower is getting worn and dingy [and] the provost sold the ivory ... to build the new administration wing." --Phil Clifford

May 14, 2004

Looking for Jobs in All the Right Places

Far too many postdocs let unrealistic expectations lead them to become apathetic about their own career development.

June 04, 2004

Turning Dumb Luck Into Smart Luck

" Narod has spent 2 decades simultaneously "at the vanguard of a brand-new science" and at the helm of a corporation lucrative enough to support overseas mountaineering trips and a handsome home in an upscale neighborhood."

July 02, 2004

The Incredible Shrinking Tenure Track

"Key to the problematic status of most non-tenure-track scientists is universities' widespread refusal to allow them to apply for their own research funding, the
sine qua non of scientific credibility."

August 06, 2004

Unionized Postdocs Unaffected by Decision Denying Union Right to Brown University Grad Assistants

" According to the NLRB decision, Brown graduate assistants are ineligible to form a union because they are not employees. Rather, they "are first and foremost students, and their status as graduate student assistants is contingent on their continued enrollment as students."

September 03, 2004

Visa Rules Still Complicate Postdocs' Lives

October 01, 2004

Tough Times Ahead No Matter Who Wins

[F]or all the stump-speech hyperbole, a single, remorseless reality must govern the next president's actions, no matter who he is. The huge budget deficit, the war in Iraq, and the war on terrorism will combine to squeeze federal scientific agencies not directly involved in defense, homeland security, or several earmarked projects. Competing for scarce funds with a myriad of other money-strapped domestic agencies, the civilian science agencies face the likelihood of budget cuts, some quite substantial.

November 05, 2004

NSF Employee Postdocs: An Unknown Quantity

For agencies devoted to seeking knowledge, NSF and NIH have shown strikingly little curiosity about many of the scientists doing the research they support.

December 03, 2004

NSF Workshop on the Postdoc Experience Calls for "Culture Change"

Correcting the problems and inequities that bedevil postdocs will require changing the culture of labs and universities across the country, and the National Science Foundation can and should take steps to catalyze reform.