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    August 23, 2002

    Web Site Review: Minorities in Aquatic Sciences

    "Ultimately, the MAS site is successful in providing a simple, community-oriented site for underrepresented minorities interested in aquatic sciences."

    October 25, 2002

    Web Site Review: PharMosaic

    "PharMosaic is different than most minority science career programs because of its industry career-targeting objective."

    January 24, 2003

    Web Site Review: Just Garcia Hill

    The JGH site is a valuable tool for aspiring minority scientists and their advocates because of its wealth of information and resources.

    June 20, 2003

    Web Site Review: The Faces of Science

    "The Faces of Science brings humanity to the scientific achievements of African Americans."

    July 11, 2003

    Web Site Review: SACNAS

    The SACNAS Web site serves as a communications hub for SACNAS members and beneficiaries.

    August 01, 2003

    The U.S. Supreme Court and Affirmative Action

    "The court reasoned that race can be a determinant in school admissions, but it cannot be a predominant factor in a school's admissions procedure."

    August 08, 2003

    Mentor With a Mission

    Cuker felt he was meant to help minority students become aquatic scientists, which is why he created the ASLO Minorities Program in 1989.

    August 22, 2003

    Are HBCUs Still Necessary?

    Are minority students better served by an undergraduate education at one of the historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) or have these institutions outlived their usefulness?

    September 19, 2003

    Web Site Review: MORE

    MORE hopes to increase the number of underrepresented minority scientists by disseminating information about a variety of biomedical research training programs.

    September 26, 2003

    One Giant Leap for Womankind

    She enjoyed being able to explain a physical situation with an equation and solve that equation for a tangible solution. In her words, she "had a knack for it."

    October 17, 2003

    No on Proposition 54, Part 1

    "The proposition would have banned colleges and universities in the state from collecting and using most racial and ethnic information. "

    October 24, 2003

    No on Proposition 54, Part 2

    Although Proposition 54 was soundly defeated, Connerly plans to reintroduce the racial privacy initiative after reworking the language to ensure it would protect health care.

    November 07, 2003

    Fuzzy Logic, Adventures in Artificial Intelligence

    She received a grant allowing her to develop the AI Toolkit, an educational software package designed to teach her student interns about fuzzy logic, neural networks, and genetic algorithms.

    November 21, 2003

    The Theory of Everything

    "While mathematics is the foundation for his study into the nature of the universe, he credits his family and upbringing for providing him with the foundation for success."

    December 05, 2003

    A Shortage of Scientists and Engineers?

    "The board recommends creating partnerships between businesses and educational institutions to prepare students, primarily trained for academia, for entrance into the private sector."

    December 19, 2003

    Holiday Indulgence: Brandy Extraordinaire

    For more than 20 years, Hubert Germain-Robin has overseen the resurrection of his family legacy as the co-founder of Alambic Inc.

    January 09, 2004

    Engineering Crossroads

    Although he faced the turbulence of political unrest as a young man, Ameer rose above those challenges and followed his dream.

    January 16, 2004

    Exceptionally Average

    Time and again, he has changed his professional outlook to satisfy an intellectual question.

    February 06, 2004

    Seeing the Forest for the Trees

    "I have always had an interest in trying to apply my mathematics to help mankind as best I could." --Abdul-Aziz Yakubu

    February 27, 2004

    Making a Difference

    "I wanted to become a person of scientific authority so that I could say this is a real problem that needs to be addressed, because nobody else was addressing it." --Sophia Cleland