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    May 09, 1997

    His Mother Cried When He Went Into Sales

    How one man's career change helped him keep his self-respect, make a few bucks, and have a blast on the business side of science.

    September 12, 1997

    What Are Headhunters and How Do They Work?

    PREVIOUS COLUMNS A few years ago, Dr. Jim Bylund was studying gene expression in Bacillus subtilis, working as a...
    January 16, 1998

    How to Handle the Backwoods of Biotechnology

    A biotech job search can be frustrating, especially if you live away from the biotechnology 'hot spots.'

    February 12, 1998

    The Path of a C.V.

    Here's what happens when you send in your C.V.

    April 10, 1998

    The Ins and Outs of University Career Days

    May 08, 1998

    Dual Career Scientific Couples: Relocating Both of You

    June 12, 1998

    Forecasting Compatibility: How to Select Your New Boss

    July 10, 1998

    Interviewing Skills: What to Do When They Say "Tell Me About Yourself"

    This common interview question can be dangerous if you don't know how to handle it.

    August 07, 1998

    A Step-By-Step Protocol for Networking, Part One

    September 11, 1998

    A Step-By-Step Protocol for Networking, Part Two

    October 09, 1998

    Scientists' Attitudes and the Job Search: Getting Up When Times Are Down

    "Attitude is everything."--Mr. Florian, junior high school softball coach Mr. Florian's favorite expression was thrown...
    November 13, 1998

    How to Present Your Weaknesses During Interviews

    The key to presenting your weaknesses in a job interview is to make them nonthreatening and present a plan for addressing them.

    December 11, 1998

    Preventing Burnout: Learning About the "Whys" of Job Satisfaction

    PREVIOUS COLUMNS The practice of "headhunting" became popular after World War II when many executive and professional...
    January 08, 1999

    Regional Hot Spots in Biotech

    PREVIOUS COLUMNS One of my side interests is moderating a biotechnology career discussion on the Internet, which...
    February 12, 1999

    First Encounters With Behavioral Interviewing

    PREVIOUS COLUMNS The interviewing process can sometimes be analyzed as if it were a living, breathing thing. One aspect...
    March 12, 1999

    Managing First Impressions at Interviews

    PREVIOUS COLUMNS It's amazing how important first impressions are in the interview. In fact, it can come as a bit of a...
    April 09, 1999

    Learning to Think Like An Entrepreneur

    May 14, 1999

    Learning to Think Like An Entrepreneur, Part Two

    June 11, 1999

    The Concept of 'ME Inc.'

    July 09, 1999

    The Telephone, Job Search Power Tool