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March 12, 1999

Subsidy Helps New Grads Find First Science Jobs

August 13, 1999

Why Bench Science May Scare Off Potential Scientific Mothers-to-Be

September 14, 2001

Science in Singapore--Riding the Knowledge Wave

"In the next phase of our development, Singaporeans have to be more entrepreneurial."

--Goh Chok Tong

September 14, 2001

Special Greetings to Singapore's Scientific Community

Inaugurating a home page especially dedicated to Singapore's scientific community

September 14, 2001

Genome Institute of Singapore

"We want to train a new generation, we want to provide some deep technological infrastructure, and to be an attractor for excellent talent from all over the world to come and feel at home."

September 14, 2001

Science in Singapore: *Feature Index*

September 14, 2001

Science Education: The Paradigm Shift

The maxim "sage on the stage to guide on the side" aptly summarizes this ongoing process of the teacher's transformation from an authoritative role to a facilitative one.

September 28, 2001

Overcoming Workforce Shortages--The Search for Talents Continues

The government believes that international talents bring in fresh ideas, new expertise, global connections, and long-term benefits for the country.

October 05, 2001

Protection of Biotech Intellectual Property Rights: A Singapore Perspective

As most researchers are not legally trained and may not be well versed with IPRs, it is wise to constantly educate the researchers on such issues.

October 12, 2001

From Research to Recruiting: Trying Something New

For those of you aiming to go into the consultancy business like me, I can say that nothing you learn will be wasted.

October 19, 2001

Career Opportunities for PhDs in Singapore

While there are good reasons for some to stay on to pursue R&D in academia, industry offers equally or even more exciting careers.

October 26, 2001

Crossing a New Frontier

"I have come to the realization that in order to be able to enjoy science, you need to know the art of it."

November 02, 2001

From Germany to Singapore: Breaking New Ground for Tissue Engineering R&D

In a cost-controlled health-care environment, only those technologies capable of providing a major enhancement to the quality of life and a reduction in cost will be driven forward.

November 09, 2001

Singaporeans Abroad: East Meets West Through Science

As science is a global endeavour, I believe I will continue to interact with researchers in different regions of the world when I return to Singapore.

November 16, 2001

Drowning in Data--Keeping Your Head Above the Technology Waves

Technological innovations are accelerating at a pace that far exceeds our expectations. As a result, we find ourselves playing catch-up with innovations we couldn't even predict...

November 23, 2001

Coming to Life: A Peek Into Singapore's Life Sciences Scene

"Our education and research systems must be flexible yet robust, and innovative yet traditionalist, to deal with this exciting--but at the same time unsettling--environment."

November 30, 2001

Being a Responsible Scientist--The Challenges Ahead

As long-held regards for biological development are repeatedly challenged and implications of research become more complex and controversial, scientists today have to deal with many more ethical issues than their predecessors.

December 14, 2001

Environmental Science and Engineering in Singapore--An Outlook on R&D, Part I

Water-related R&D is of prime interest because Singapore needs to produce cheap but high-quality water for public and industrial use.