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    June 13, 2003

    Budget Woes Force Closures

    Twelve institute departments will close and 15 junior research groups will be discontinued.

    June 06, 2003

    Able Scientists Overcoming Disabilities *Feature Index*

    Becoming a scientist requires stamina and endurance, among other things. As an avid Next Wave reader, you already know...
    April 25, 2003

    No Two Missions Are the Same

    April 25, 2003

    Scientists Serving Science: Keine Mission ist wie die andere

    April 04, 2003

    Web Sites to Watch: DAAD - Wandel durch Austausch

    Insgesamt bietet der Internetauftritt des DAAD eine Fülle an Informationen -- alleine aus diesem Grund lohnt sich der Besuch schon.

    March 21, 2003

    Die 700 km-Fernbeziehung

    Es ist schwierig, Tips zu geben, weil die Situationen ja individuell stark variieren.

    March 21, 2003

    The 700-km Commute

    "It is difficult to give general advice because situations vary individually."

    March 07, 2003

    Raising Awareness

    Although the vast majority of universities surveyed by the Max Planck Institute stated that they would try to support dual-career scientists, the issue is still delicate.

    February 14, 2003

    Big Money, New Machines

    The decision today will give basic research in Germany a new impetus --Edelgard Bulmahn, German Science Minister

    February 07, 2003

    The Beginning of a New ERA?

    Although the funding for mobility may be available, there are other obstacles to overcome.

    January 31, 2003

    Light at the End of the Tunnel?

    Both university presidents welcomed the likely end of insecurity for clinical research in Berlin.

    January 24, 2003

    DFG-Internetauftritt überarbeitet

    Wer eine wissenschaftliche Laufbahn einschlagen will, kommt an der DFG nicht vorbei.

    January 24, 2003

    Nicht ohne meinen Partner!

    Angesprochen sind alle, die sich für das Thema interessieren und zu Lösungen beitragen wollen.

    January 17, 2003

    Changes in the World of Science: The Realities of Interdisciplinary Training

    Today, when I tell other scientists that I have an interdisciplinary degree, I often find that they have some reservations.

    January 03, 2003

    Jahr der Chemie

    Die Chemiebranche ist der drittstärkste deutsche Wirtschaftszweig, über 400.000 Personen sind in Chemieunternehmen beschäftigt.

    December 20, 2002

    Freeze Followed By Protest

    According to DFG President Prof. Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker, up to 2000 prospective DFG-funded junior scientists could be affected.

    November 29, 2002

    Changes in PhD Training Proposed

    "The competitiveness of our doctoral training on an international level is of crucial importance to the future of German academia" --Prof. Karl Max Einhäupl, Chair, Wissenschaftsrat

    November 15, 2002

    DFG to Introduce Changes

    The anticipated changes are intended to improve the experiences of Ph.D. students going through the Graduiertenkollegs.

    October 18, 2002

    Neues aus der Forschungslandschaft