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    October 26, 2001

    Patent First, Publish Later: How Not to Ruin Your Chances of Winning a Patent

    In the understandable rush to get published and funded, scientists tend to spill the beans too early and in too much detail for them to ever win a patent.

    October 05, 2001

    Working in Intellectual Property Law Without a Law Degree

    Technical specialists and patent agents, in particular, do not need to have any legal training before they get their collective feet in the door.

    November 10, 2000

    NYU Grads Win Vote to Unionize Amid Controversy

    November 10, 2000

    'I Swear ...': An Oath for Scientists and Engineers

    November 03, 2000

    Distance Education: Resources

    November 03, 2000

    Making the Transition: Susanne Bockholt

    November 03, 2000

    Making the Transition: Linwood Webster

    November 03, 2000

    NYU Graduates Win Right to Form Union

    November 03, 2000

    Online Education Is an Easy CELL

    November 03, 2000

    Distance Education Feature Index

    November 03, 2000

    Distance Education: Overview

    October 27, 2000

    The Art of Laboratory Feng Shui: The Scientific Shopping Mall

    October 13, 2000

    How to Get a Bite of NIH's Billion-Dollar Funding Pie

    September 15, 2000

    Shadow People No More: New Report Puts Postdocs in the Light

    September 08, 2000

    Meeting the Nation's Needs: How to Shape Tomorrow's Scientific Workforce

    September 01, 2000

    Federal Funds and Bioinformatics Grants: A Match Made in Heaven?