The Job Market

Issue for June 18, 2004

  • Beau Travail

    Individual schools could do much more to assist both U.S. and international students in pursuing alternative science careers by educating faculty in the art of mentoring, embracing diversification of their students' education, and encouraging faculty to be supportive of students' endeavors away from the bench.

  • What Is a Soil Scientist Doing in NATO?

    "I swapped my scientist's hat for that of a diplomat. I was no longer doing experiments. Instead, I was writing reports on the scientific and technological situations in specific regions and countries, promoting collaboration between Italian and foreign scientists."

  • Written in the Stars

    "Our roads through science may or may not be written in the stars, writes Next Wave's new Canadian Editor, but either way there is still enough time for gazing."

  • International Development Work – Challenges and Rewards


    For scientists with an expertise in agriculture, the environment or health and who are interested in applying their knowledge and skills closer to society, working on policy issues and programs can be professionally exciting and rewarding.